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  • [Fun] You got me, Disney!

    I have one non-Disney thing I collect (fountain pens) because I know I have a tendency to get kind of obsessive about any given collection. I'll admit I've never fallen in love with any Disney collectible. Vinylmation is cute, but doesn't really do it for me. Pins are intimidating :lol:. Clothing I can take or leave. I don't have a lot of room for figurines.

    But darn you, Disney! You got me! You really got me!

    Mini Ear Hats called MousekeEars:

    When I saw this, my breath caught and my heart instantly melted into a big sticky goo sliding straight to my wallet.

    I love them.

    I must own them.

    Yep, Disney--you hit my bullseye. :lol:

    The only things I don't like about them are the name,. MousekeEars? Ick, and the price, $12.95. But everything else? Be still my heart.

    Anyone else excited about MousekeEars? I know, haters gonna hate , but I can't wait.
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    Re: You got me, Disney!

    Shelby, you and I must be sisters from another mister. I too am not all that into any one thing that Disney offers and am not of the collector mindset but holy smokes I could see myself getting a couple of these!! I like miniature things so these are sorta right up my alley. Even the packaging is to die for! Good gracious but for that price I might limit myself to just one.

    Oh I also don't know if you are into bows at all or know anyone who is, but I sort of am and once I saw this certain site on Tumblr, I could not get enough of the bows!! This girl makes very quality Disney and Marvel (and a couple Harry Potter) themed bows and I am quite literally obsessed with them, although I have not purchased any yet. I'm not sure if I can post the link here so if you're interested, or if anyone is interested, please pm me as I would love to give this girl more business!

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      Re: You got me, Disney!

      Nope. I have enough hobbies that take my money. The last thing we collected in our family were Beanie Babies. I wish every day that I had all that money back. It just might pay my airfare to Disneyland, and back a few times.


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        Re: You got me, Disney!

        they are pretty adorbs... when it comes to "collecting" things.. i just collect the stuff i like.. so if there is a pin i like? rad. or a hat? great. or a vinylmation? awesome. i figure if you really like whatever it is your buying...and not just cuz it completes something, or might be worth something one day.. hopefully you wont regret buying it.
        That's as it should be.


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