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trying to get a early morning game plan


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  • [Question] trying to get a early morning game plan

    tomorrow ill be taking my mom to the parks for her 50th birthday. last time shes been was when tower of terror was being built. i have a AP so were doing whatever she wants to do haha. she wants to go on RSR and see world of color so my question is when i get to DCA when it opens tomorrow should i....

    1. go straight to cars land get on RSR then get WoC passes

    2. go get WoC passes then go to RSR.

    3. or can i just get Fast passes for both?

    i appreciate any feedback. thank you! :]

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    Re: trying to get a early morning game plan

    this summer I went straight to RSR. We used the single rider line, which saved a lot of time. Then, later on in the day, there was NO PROBLEM AT ALL getting fast passes for World of Color. I'd do it this way. The line for RSR fastpasses was so long first thing, it was ridiculous.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: trying to get a early morning game plan

      If you wanna get Fast Passes for RSR, do that first. Lines can take up to 45 minutes for that one (I'm talking about the fast pass line). Or check wait time for RSR first, maybe it's only 60 minutes so you could do that. Or take the single rider line if you don't have to sit with your mom. It will save you alot of time.

      Then ride Luigi as this may still take up to 40 minutes.

      Get WOC after that.

      You can get FP for both. WOC doesn't prevent you from getting another FP for another attraction right away.


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