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  • Trip Report DLR Trip Report.

    I had the opportunity to hit the parks over the summer, and I took more pics than I should have. I'm pretty sure that i'll get in trouble for posting this many, but you know...

    So anyway. I got to see Buena Vista Street (YAY!), and I thought it was awesome. I liked the Face Characters designed for the new land. I also got a copy of the Buena Vista Bugle, which I will hang in my room.

    I was never a huge fan of the Cars Movies, but i'm really glad that Cars Land opened. I was going to go on Radiator Springs Racers, but it was closed. ( ) I wasn't into anything else in Cars Land, so I just took pictures, and was just like "OMG! This is cool, because I read about it on the internet, and now i'm seeing it in person!" But,all of DLR's cool like that, so...

    Characters: I got walked out on by Mickey multiple times in DCA. (My timing was really off this trip.) I taped Cinderella wishing a friend a Happy Birthday. Even though it wasn't her birthday. (DLR has that effect on me where I just lose all touch with the outside world.) Anyway, I got bored, and decided to stalk Woody after awhile. (He's my favorite, BTdubs.) I saw him at Paradise Pier. (I hugged him, deal with it.) I wouldv'e seen Buzz, but i decided to go on LM:AUA first, and he was gone. I saw Goofy twice with the same greeter, which made me feel creepy. I also met Flik at Flik's Fun Fair. Moral of the story: I like characters, I have problems.

    I was really impressed with the new Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. I saw a video on it on YouTube, and it seemed way to kiddyish. But, when I was there, Billy Hill was playing, and it wasn't crowded, just a sparse group of adults. This is also where i saw Goofy I also used this time to start pin trading. I was even given free pins by a stranger (THANK YOU STRANGER)

    Rides: I went on ToT for the first time, and I ended up going on it 5 times. I hate the new Matterhorn trains. I like the old ones with the leg room. I couldn't even choose the side I wanted to be on anymore. (meh) But, I got to drive on Indy, twice!

    I will upload the pictures soon...
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    Re: DLR Trip Report.

    great want to see more
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      Re: DLR Trip Report.

      Cool..keep em' coming.
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