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Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past


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  • [Other] Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

    ORDDU: The other day, while stirring over a hot cauldron, my sisters and I started talking about all the many friends we used to go to Disneyland with that we never see anymore. So without giving out full names, we thought we'd just mention how interesting and fun it was to be a bit nostalgic.

    ORWEN: Are there certain friends you used to go to Disneyland with that remind you of certain attractions?

    ORDDU: Whenever we think of the former People Mover we think of Paul.

    ORWEN: Whenever we think of Tom Sawyer Island, we think of our friend, Joel, who used to spend so much time there feeding the ducks. Joel passed away at the age of 39 back in 1993. He is much missed.

    ORDDU: Whenever we think of scurrying from here to there all around the park to smooze with various cast members, we're reminded of Curtis.

    ORWEN: Whenever we watch a parade we're reminded of our friend, Tracy, who used to be a cast member who drove floats for both day and night parades.

    ORDDU: Whenever we ride Peter Pan's dark ride--or see the Peter Pan character, we think of Marty, who was such an avid fan of Neverland & Company.

    ORWEN: Whenever we conjur up any of those Yu-tube thingies inside our crystal ball, we're reminded of Marc because he liked to film everything.

    ORDDU: Which also reminds us of our friend, Don, who did the same thing--and still does.

    ORWEN: Then there's that guy who was obsessed with Disneyland post cards. Wasn't his name Ron? Some of the friends we used to go to Disneyland with don't ever go there anymore--for various reasons.

    ORDDU: But for the times that they DID go there with us, we have memories to last forever. And we can only assume that the rest of you ducklings have similar people in your lives who inspire memories of Disneyland because of the times you spent with them there. These are treasured memories that must never be taken for granted. The very soul of what makes Disneyland, Disneyland is tied strongly to the loved one's you have experienced it with...

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    Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

    Oh how true this is.

    My friend Jennifer was the one that took my picture, as I entered Disneyland park for the very first time.

    My first ride on BTMRR was shared with my grandson.

    Pam and her sister Laura arranged a trip for me on the Lily Belle.

    I shared a Dumbo ride with Margo, both of us in the same Dumbo.

    I have shared a boat on IASW with Jody and Vickie.

    Barry and I have shared a teacup and also a boat on Pirates.

    Patrick was there when I first saw Dumbo fly, and saw Murphy for the first time in Fantasmic.

    Stacy and I chatted as we cruised the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain.

    If I sit here long enough, I can think of more.

    Even though I do a lot of solo touring, I have also shared many magical moments with both family, and friends I have made thanks to MiceChat.


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      Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

      Oh how I love this thread!! <3

      Haunted Mansion Ballroom scene reminds me of my best friend Julie. We always make sure to get a picture of the Hidden Mickey (I think we're up to over 50 pics of it's different set ups). Really, everything reminds me of Julie since we are Disneyland Buddies. <3

      POTC always reminds me of my friend Sean- he was and still is my Dark Ride Buddy.

      Space Mountain makes me think of all my friends and how they loathe sitting in front of me- because I scream and yelp loudly. They always say their ears hurt at the end. (This is true of California Screamin' too)

      The Mark Twain will always and forever remind me of Rylan and our adventure with Guest Participation during the Princess & the Frog celebration! Oh my goodness that was such great fun!

      Splash Mountain holds such wonderfully soaked memories of a group of friends and I. It was January in the parks and raining heavily that day. We were all wearing our wet weather gear and braved the ride. I think we were more wet getting off the ride than when we got on!

      The thought of The Park in it's entirety reminds me of all my wonderful adventures with friends inside it's glittery walls. <3
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        Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

        ORDDU: Thank you for both your contributions to our topic, Barbarann and CupcakeTerror, ducklings. We believe it's important to remember the loved one's who have meant so much to us while visiting the parks. Remembering as many positive details as possible from past visits really makes Disneyland and DCA more special.


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          Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

          Ok, here goes. You will notice a recurring theme here.

          1) Walking through a deserted Main Street in a soaking rain storm with my wife wearing those fantastic yellow ponchos.

          2) Watching the joy on my wife's face as she is watching Remember-Dreams come true for the first time.

          3) Sitting with my wife at Carnation Gardens and looking at each other both thinking the same thing - should we get out there and dance?

          4) Watching the awe on my wife's face while watching Fantasmic from the Gallery balcony.

          5) My wife and I laughing hysterically at our photos after riding Splash Mountain or ToT.

          6) Both of us not feeling so good after a ride on the Tea Cups (more so myself than her).
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            Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

            ORDDU: Thank you too, Disneymike, duckling. We hope others keep these stories coming.


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              Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

              One person who I cannot remember his name. We were roommates at UCLA for summer session 1979. I was working at Disneyland and he never been to Disneyland. On one of my days off, I treated him to a visit and he was hooked. He asked me to take him almost everyday while I worked. He paid for some visits, or I was able to sign him in or someone else signed him in. He loved it. At the end of summer session, he returned to Washington but we lost contact with one another. He was genuinely a kid again, just being able to enjoy Disneyland. I imagine that he returned several times. Maybe we even were at Disneyland at the same time.
              I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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                Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

                ORDDU: It's too bad you don't remember his name any longer, bayouguy, duckling. I can relate. There are several people who's name I would like to remember from the past, as well. There are many wonderful cast members who have come and gone from the parks who were certainly worth remembering. You are certainly one of them--signing in someone the way you did. Very thoughtful.


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                  Re: Remembering Disneyland Friends from the Past

                  My own dearest 'Bestest Bud' Corky. For reasons of both health and distance she is no longer able to visit Disneyland. She & I spent many wonderful summer days as teenagers in the '70s calling ourselves 'The 2 Mouseketeers' running around what we considered our 2nd home. We were also regulars at the yearly 'Telephone Pioneers' private party in the Fall. One of our most fun evenings/nights ever was when we stopped at the Park on impulse wearing our bikinis covered by short cutoffs & tank tops & our hair saltwater curly on the way home from a day spent at Newport Beach and stayed til closing. Just thinking of it, I can still remember how young we were and how 'cool' we felt.

                  What I wouldn't give to be able to have another night just like that one with her again (although I promise, no bikini & cutoffs. No one wants to see that!!). We just celebrated our 45th year friendship anniversary together and laughed & cried til our sides split.

                  My DH & I will be at DLR next week and I promised her that I would raise a mint julep in a toast to her. (And this time there won't be any sneaked-in vodka in it! Shame on us, but we were young & stupid. And it was only about 3 oz sneaked in in a medicine bottle from her parents liquor cabinet.)
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