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Why not have retractable railings?


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    Re: Why not have retractable railings?

    Originally posted by KellyMcG86 View Post
    Obviously we are not saying it should be all or none.
    Obviously you are not, but obviously others are, in this thread and in numerous previous threads on this topic: kneejerk, all-or-none reactions, exactly as I described them.
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    "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
    it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
    together with every variety of recreation and fun,
    designed to appeal to everyone."

    - Walt Disney

    "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
    - Michael Eisner

    "It's very symbiotic."
    - Bob Chapek


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      Re: Why not have retractable railings?

      Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
      ... look up all those bs government regulations created since 1900 affecting food processing and packaging, commercial transportation, automobile safety features, clothing, toys, construction methods & materials, medical practice & pharmaceuticals, electric utilities, drinking water quality, amusement park safety, worker safety, household chemicals and the like...
      I am not sure which logical fallacy equates pharamaceuticals to adding railing to a 50 year old amusement park bridge, but I'm sure there is one. :lol:


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