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The 1,299,343rd idea for the Peoplemover track


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  • [Idea] The 1,299,343rd idea for the Peoplemover track

    Hi folks,

    We all know the Peoplemover is a popular issue. We've gotten some great ideas on attraction replacements. We also know how sad it is seeing it collect dust.

    So I started thinking, (and forgive me if it's already been talked about), what if they used the track for some kind of moving show/parade?

    The floats/stage could move along the track. It can perform two times a day. Once during the day, where the floats/stage move from star tours to buzz, then the other at dusk going the opposite direction. Or, you can have it where floats/stages come out from out of all the tunnels (over tommorrowland terrace, by space mountain, and the two mentioned earlier). Then at the end, the floats go back to the tunnels they came from.

    If you want to see what I'm referring to, lookup the Mardi Gras Parade in the Sky at Rio Las Vegas.

    I know this can cause bottleneck of people trying to follow the show/parade, but if they can do it for Fantasmic and the Main Street Parades, they can find a way for something like this.

    Anyway, what do you guys think of this?

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    Re: The 1,299,343rd idea for the Peoplemover track

    Yeah, this has come up before. The idea was using Wall-E being chased by the security droids. Someone else said that the old sleds were scrapped and the maintenance bay is gone, so it's pretty dead. But we can dream


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