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The Vineyard Room: menu change coming


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  • The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

    Anyone eat at the Vineyard room recently? Ever? Enjoying dinner last night I was told by a manager that the menu will most likely be changing soon in an attempt to pull in more families. This could drastically change the entire feel to the restaurant.

    For those who do not know, the Vineyard Room positions itself as what I would describe as an "extremely high end" restaurant, even more so then the Blue Bayou. The menu currently allows you a couple of options on dinner:
    1) A three course meal (with or without Wine pairing and Cheese) or
    2) A four course meal (with or without Wine pairing and cheese.)

    What the management is attempting to do is make the menu more conventional by removing the course options, or just allowing you to purchase an individual item without having to spring for a full three or four course meal.

    I understand that this will get a few more families in there because they will be able to get one item for their kids... but I still feel that this will be the restraints downfall.

    It will no longer be a "high class place," just another place for tourists.

    What do you think?

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    Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

    I've never been to this restaurant and probably won't because, just as you say, I have children who would not enjoy it. There are other options, though, so I'm not bothered if the Vineyard Room stays the same. It's nice to have options. This is just an observation: Disneyland guests aren't into the restaurants, food or theming, in the same way WDW guests are. So, perhaps, there isn't the market to sustain a high end restaurant??? What has your experience been? Is it crowded? Ever? It seems like a lot of restaurants have closed at DCA.


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      Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

      Price and being alone are two reasons I've never dined there. I've looked at it repeatedly... but I'm either alone, or with someone who doesn't want to eat there.

      I'd also want to try the wine pairings but then I can't drive home, which is another reason I haven't been there.

      I agree that taking away the course-style dinner makes it into just another restaurant, no special reason to go there.
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        Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

        Originally posted by Sters
        What has your experience been? Is it crowded? Ever? It seems like a lot of restaurants have closed at DCA.

        It has been crowded on .. lets say a busy saturday. The place doesnt get much business on mid week during a holiday. The Vineyard room is only open on friday - sunday during the so called "off season."

        I usually get reservations by calling the Dine Line... so I wouldn't really notice a "wait time" as most people would judge how busy a restruant is.

        Originally posted by Sters
        just as you say, I have children who would not enjoy it.
        Here is a good question: Would you change your mind if you could purchase a single item for your kids? Maybe a childrens menu? Would that even make a difference?


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          Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

          Since we have four kids, we stay away. But when we go w/o kids, we enjoy it. The same with Wolfgang Pucks old place. When we did the AP preview weekend, we ate there and then again the next trip when we didn't take the kids. After that, they closed it down (don't blame them, you need to make a profit).

          Sad situation, but a reality. On one hand, you'd like it to stay the same. On the other, it needs to change to stay open...Tough decision.


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            We had dinner there on December 30 and noticed quite a few children there, more than we'd noticed before.

            I like the way it's set up because it's like a training ground for Napa Rose. Parents get more upscale food in a slightly less formal environment where kids can go without having to be quite as quiet as at Napa Rose. However, I do see the downside of having a fixed menu option only. I know a couple where I think the husband would enjoy the fixed menu, but the wife wouldn't, so I can't see them going there. If they offered a fixed menu and a single item option, that would probably work better for them.

            And they do offer a children's menu. Didn't look at it this time, but from 2004:

            Green Salad - house vinaigrette or ranch ..... $3.99
            Pasta - with marinara, butter or alfredo sauce ..... $5.99 with chicken breast ..... $7.99
            Pizza - your choice of cheese or pepperoni ..... $5.99
            Desserts - $3.99 each
            ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or dulce de leche
            kids cookies
            seasonal fruit with whipped cream


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              Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

              wow.. I never noticed they had a childrens menu.

              From what i'm told, the training will start on saturday. but that might change.


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                Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                The Vineyard Room has been my favorite restaurant, Disney or otherwise, in SoCal for as long as it's been open. Having said that, though, my wife has long been frustrated by the requirement of the fixed price option, since she is often not hungry enough to eat all three courses. It also allows for a more fun sharing experience if you between two people, say, you select five choices rather than being required to chose six. As long as the quality remains high, it will still be a special place for us.


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                  Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                  If anything, I think the prix fixe needs to stay, but could be complimented by an a la carte menu on top of it. No need to take away a formula that works so well for so many.

                  And if not enough families are getting up there, perhaps it's the advertising, or lack thereof. A tiny menu behind glass isn't enough for first time visitors to know what the place is all about - not even a themed sign over the staircase - nothing! It doesn't seem like rocket science to stick a nice sign out there so people know it's not just an extension of the Trattoria.
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                    Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                    I dont think they would be changing it if "it worked so well."

                    And as far as I know, they will be allowing you to pick "three courses" still and it should be cheaper to pick the course option.

                    With the items A la carte, they could be more expensive.

                    I like the Vineyard Room. I like what you said SectroMan, a sign would work better then what they have. even if you see the sign on the outside of the Winery, you will most likly go downstairs and eat there.


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                      Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                      Hmmmm. When I read the initial post, I could only feel disappointment. It's sad to say, but many times when things are changed at the resort, they aren't changed for the better. Quality is usually sacraficed for cost effectiveness.
                      My hubby and I enjoy going to the Vineyard Room every couple of months. I always make a reservation, but for the last three times or so have had to wait 20-60 minutes to be seated. I think it's safe to say that on the weekends, at least, they do good business.
                      And I have always seen families at the restaurant. They aren't in the majority, but is that necessarily a problem for the Vineyard Room?
                      I'm wondering if the re-work is simply to give the location a higher profit margin. My cynicism is creeping back...I wouldn't be surprised if the Vineyard Room turns from a delicious treat to a mediocre location.
                      Originally posted by All4dISNEY
                      Words hurt.


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                        FWIW, when we had dinner there on December 30, we didn't have a reservation, and we waited about 10-15 minutes. We've been there at other times without a reservation and haven't had to wait more than that amount of time. When we've been there with a reservation, I don't remember the restaurant being completely full. We usually go on Sunday nights, so maybe Saturday nights are more crowded.


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                          Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                          I hope the quaility does not lower. I feel that this is just an effort of making the restraunt a more attractive place for families and groups that don't feel like dropping $86 on a four course meal with wine.

                          Of course I have a feeling that they will keep the course options and just add a la carte. Charge more for the a la carte items but keep the courses the same price.

                          At lease I hope they keep the course options, I don't know for sure. I will try to find out more this weekend.


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                            Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                            I've never eaten there, because I would never be able to finish a 3 or 4 course meal. I can barely get through an entree if I ahve soup or salad beforehand I won't even finish an entree. Then I'm stuck in a theme park where I would not box food to take home, because I'm not going home. I would not take it back to a room either. So, for me it would be a huge waste of money. Maybe if I lived closer I would try it.


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                              Re: The Vineyard Room: menu change coming

                              I'm sure the portions aren't very large. And at a place like Napa Rose (haven't been to Vineyard room yet) I remember not to finish every bite so I can have room for each course (although sometimes that's hard since it's so yummy!). I would never get something 'to go' from a fine dining establishment.

                              Does the Vineyard Room have a dress code? My DH doesn't have an AP, so he only goes to DL and DCA once a year. Can we wear casual clothes there since it's in the park?


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