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  • October???

    What can I expect in terms of crowds and hours for a trip the first sunday in October as well as Monday and Tuesday? Do they run the Electrical Light Parade on Sunday nights, esp in the off season? I'm trying to figure out how best to maximize my time since my trip keeps getting trimmed?

    Also, do you really need a full day (Saturday) for Legoland? My kids are dying to go there but I'm hoping I won't need a full day, but if that's what we need, then so be it.

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    Crowds are historically light during early October at Disneyland. Usually on Sunday the park open at 9 and stays open until at least 9. Monday and Tuesday probably 10 to 8 for the park. But since the crowds will be lighter - you will accomplish a lot in that time. I have never been to Legoland but I have friends that I visited and just spent part of a day there. Enjoy your trip!


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      Are those hours for just Disneyland or California Adventure, too? Having a later start time might be helpful, since I'm anal about getting there are park openning and my husband is so not a morning person. We were planning on arriving late in the day on Sunday and hoping to catch some attractions at California Adventure. I'm most interesting in seeing the Alladin show and the Elecrical Light Parade. Do those run on Sundays in October? My kids are young, so no need to do Paradise Pier.


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        Since Legoland is about 2 hours away from Disneyland (4 hours round trip), you may as well plan on spending the whole day. Younger children 3-6 wil have great time. Older children can get bored. Adults too! Love the Lego displays though.
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          I'd say that Legoland is a half-day expedition. I would take a full day in Carlsbad, though. There is a nice outdoor outlet mall right next to Legoland with a Ruby's restaurant, and the beach is just a couple more blocks west. Also, they have a u-pick strawberry field just off the freeway exit. Have fun!


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            Yes I second the make a day out of Legoland and Carlsbad but only because I live there. Legoland is only 45 minutes north of the world famous San Diego Zoo, 35 from Sea World and an hour from the Wild Animal Park so you might consider hitting up twice the action if the kiddies and your car can handle it.


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              Yeah, it takes some creativity to spend a full day at Legoland - although I've done it. I honestly think your time is better spent at either the zoo or the wild animal park, but that's just me. My boyfriend (who's as ape about Legos as I am about DL) loved it there.


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                will the water be running?
                will the electricity be shut off?


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                  I can't get out of Legoland, sorry. I promised my son and it, as pathetic as this sounds, is the reason we're planning this trip... with a few days at Disneyworld. We only have a few days, so I like the idea of visiting some attractions at Carlsbad.

                  What are the hours for Sunday in October? Is Califronia Adventure open very late? I will be ariving on the late side so had hoped to catch a few hours in and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Electrical Parade will be operating then.


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                    Light crowds.

                    I happen to have in front of me, the hours/entertainment schedule from my last trip... 15-17 Oct 2004. Fri-Sat-Sun

                    DL was 9-11 Fri, 8-midnight Sat and Sun
                    DCA was 10-8 Fri and 10-9 Sat and Sun

                    MSEP was 8PM Fri and 8:45 Sat and Sun.

                    I don't have an exact scendule for weekdays, but I recall DL being 10-8 and DCA 10-6 with no MSEP.


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