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Disneyland Kennel Club?


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  • [Question] Disneyland Kennel Club?

    Okay, i have recently gotten my first dog ever!
    She is a tony maltipoo named Princess Leia.
    I was in the park yesterday and spotted the Kennel Club and totally reminded me that it even was there.
    Now i want to bring her along on my next Disney Trip! But i want to know it is worth it? Have any of you used it before? How was your experiance? It safe? or is it more of a hassel then it seems?
    I really want to bring her in of the disney fun!
    heres a pic of her

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    Re: Disneyland Kennel Club?

    She is adorable. The kennels cost $20 per dog per day. You do have to come and walk your own dog. The attendants won't handle your dog. Proof of vaccinations are mandatory. What I like is they allowed both of my small chihuahua Pomeranians in the same kennel and the fact you can bring a blanket or old towel to lone the bottom of the kennel as well as a toy of theirs. They do have a water dish in their kennel at all times and they used to leave a bowl of kibble as well or you can bring your own. It is worth it for peace of mind if you plan on being at Disneyland California Adventure all day and have no one to watch your dog.


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