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Another Disneyland Christmas Question


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  • [Question] Another Disneyland Christmas Question

    Hello forums:

    I noticed that many schedule their Christmas trips to Disneyland after labor day (Nov 12th, on). I decided to skip the whole parade thing and schedule my vacation from Nov 9, 10 and 11th in the park. I was trying to avoid lines, really, and all I want to see are the decorations (I've never EVER been to Disneyland during Christmas, and I'm 32!).

    I received an email from Disneyland customer support that decorations go up the 9th and official celebrations start the 12th. I'm planning to purchase the non-socal Deluxe or Premium AP to save money and give myself the option of visiting Disneyland at least 4 times a year.

    First, despite all the posts about Christmas, I want to know what you would suggest I look at first this year, with this being my first time ever attending Christmas in DLC. Secondly, do any of you feel that passes are even worth it if I want to go at least four times in the next 12 months? Stupid question, maybe, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I know financially it will save money on tickets, but with blockout dates and all, you seasoned APH's may have some sound advice for a noob like me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Another Disneyland Christmas Question

    The first thing that I suggest that you "look at first" is Disney Chrismas. Take it in and become one with it. If you really get into the Zen of becoming one with Disney, do this for each land, because Christmas in Frontier Land is diferent than Christmas in New Orleans Square, then you will have an experience you'll never forget. It will truly be many magical Christmases.


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      Re: Another Disneyland Christmas Question

      First, Labor Day is in September. November 12th is Veterans Day and the official kick-off to the Christmas season at Disneyland, which is why people plan their trips for after that date.

      Christmas decor will be up prior to that date, but not operational. Small World Holiday opens November 12th. The Castle and tree lighting with snow on Main Street start November 12th. The Christmas Fantasy Parade starts November 12th.

      Christmas decor actually starts appearing at the resort prior to Halloween. New Orleans Square and the Castle are both decorated before October 31st. Main Street receives decorations but no across-the-street garlands until after the taping of the Christmas Parade (probably the first weekend of November). The tree goes up the second week.


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        Re: Another Disneyland Christmas Question

        Thanks for the replies. That's right. It's Veteran's Day. Sorry about that.

        Too bad I'll miss out on the full action of the decor. At least we'll have AP's in hand by the time we leave that weekend and I'll just stop in next weekend to see everything in it's full glory. Damn. I feel stupid for booking that weekend now.


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