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I cried...


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  • [Other] I cried...

    I'm a pretty emotional guy and am all about nostalgia. For the past two years (I'd actually consider it a year and a half at the moment) I've been a part of the Citrus Singers, a world-renown choir whom have the annual holiday tradition of a concert and musical-hybrid entitled Christmas Is every December. In the musical portion of the show we also have very Disneyland-like songs that make me a bit emotional...while thinking about this year's arrangements today, I decided that I'd put on some old Disneyland Christmas soundtracks, mainly the score to A Christmas Fantasy Parade. Oh, boy...

    I've never lived anywhere else in my life outside of the San Gabriel Valley. With DLR only thirty minutes away, you can imagine that I've been there quite a lot, hence why I'm such a big fan. My first trip was when I was four, and ever since then I've been inspired, attached, and emotionally connected to the park(s), even Downtown Disney. So many memories have arisen from my time spent there that it'd be crazy if I wasn't emotional when thinking about the past. My birthday is in December, so we'd always go to Disneyland for my birthday in November or December when, you guessed it, all the Christmas offerings were available. Many of my best Disney memories come from the Country Bear Christmas Special, Haunted Mansion Holiday, A Christmas Fantasy Parade, the decorations on Main Street, and It's a Small World Holiday. It's such an incredible rush thinking about how much they meant to me as a kid that I get a bit teary-eyed...

    A Christmas Fantasy Parade has one of the most beautiful scores that I've ever heard. The instruments, the incorporation of classic carols, the vocals, everything. I still remember those dopey-faced reindeer prancing down the street, the terrifying gingerbread men and snowmen, and of course the skating snowflakes. Oh, boy. It is truly a reminder of an era gone by and how the holidays really are a time for love and joy.

    It's only Halloween, but I still would like to wish you, your family, and your friends the happiest of holidays.
    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: I cried...

    Ah, that is lovely. Thank you for sharing~ Happy Early birthday! :gladsad:
    “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”


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      Re: I cried...

      My birthday is in December also. Thanks for the story.
      It will be sad if Disney does make the Christmas festivities a ticketed event though. I know that for the past 9 years I have always equated Christmas time with my birthday and Disneyland decorations. It will be sad if they do this.

      Oh and I also grew up in the SGV....

      What a small world
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        Re: I cried...

        I also grew up in the SGV (and have a Bday in December!), although I've since moved away. I well remember the Citrus Singers and their wonderful shows! Truly a great musical tradition and a wonderful academic curriculum. Congratulations on being part of Citrus College's renowned performing arts program!

        My late dad was a member of Citrus College's Class of 1937.

        A wonderful holiday season to you, too. And a very 'Disney Christmas'.
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          Re: I cried...

          I am sure Walmart/Target/Toys R Us are all overjoyed with your tears of nostalgia at this time of year.


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            Re: I cried...

            Another SGV born and bred here... never lived anywhere else, nor wanted to. Thanks for the memories, Wreath. I have heard the Citrus singers many a time, and have enjoyed them thoroughly. And there is nothing better than being at Disneyland to hear the singing at Christmas time - something truly special - so thanks again for the memories!


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              Re: I cried...

              Nice story!!!! A nice tone when most of the threads on the front page are full of bashing. This thread is a awesome relief that reminds me of why I read these forums. Thank you sir..... On a side note i am very emotional too and get tears from all sorts of memories espcially at Disneyland old memories and new
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                Re: I cried...

                Originally posted by Acpisme View Post
                Ah, that is lovely. Thank you for sharing~ Happy Early birthday! :gladsad:
                Thank you! My birthday present is seeing the Book of Mormon on Halloween at the Pantages!

                And glad to hear that many of you have heard of us! Here's a picture of me in our Christmas show last year as a special treat...

                Click image for larger version

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                In all fairness, that wasn't my character in the show. That was a fun cross-dressing moment pre-show. But enjoy the creepiness nonetheless.
                "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


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