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1st at Christmas any tips/must see/do welcome!!! :)


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    Re: 1st at Christmas any tips/must see/do welcome!!!

    Originally posted by Kangel View Post
    I had thought of maybe grabbing a sandwich on the way into disneyland from Subway? Would I be allowed to bring it through the gate?

    I've never done Fast Passes before, is there a way to get a FP for a specific time? Like, if I want to see it at night time? Can I choose a time?
    There is a Subway at the corner of Harbor and Katella. Also a McDonalds about 200 feet to the north on Harbor from the resort entrance. Coupon for that McDs. Anaheim/Orange County Visitor Coupons | Anaheim/Orange County - Visitor Information

    FPs have on them a return window. As the day goes on and more and more people get FP for an attraction the return window advances. You can't use the FP before the window opens, but currently can use it after the windows opens and closes. So in a sense you have a choose of when to use them.
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      Re: 1st at Christmas any tips/must see/do welcome!!!

      We Love the GCH! It's a HUGE loby with plenty of couches to sleep onrest your feet.
      There's a fireplace with rocking chairs and a story teller for little kids. There's a massive Christmas tree in the center, a pianist playing Christmas tunes, and St Nick makes an appearance from time to time for pictures. Stop by the Hearthstone Lounge in the corner of the lobby for hot cocoa or something stronger.

      I've heard the Earl of Sandwich in DTD is not incredibly expensive. You could bring that in.
      Speaking of DTD, there are a ton of lights and decor there as well.

      Just relax and enjoy it. There's so much. Disneyland is great already but during Christmas they really kick it up a notch.

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        Re: 1st at Christmas any tips/must see/do welcome!!!

        Ah, ok, I see about the FP. I think it would be cool to see the RSR at night, everyone seems to think it's very special. Do you think it's one of those experiences where I should do it early and late? Or is it just best at night?

        I've been telling my SIL all about the GCH and how lovely it will be to visit! We're so excited! Hot coco/fireplace/etc......... :clap: Oh my, could it get any better?????????

        Thanks for the tip on the coupons!!!!!!!

        I've never been to DTD either. I thought it was just a regular shopping mall and movie theatre. So I never went over there.... But if it's all decorated! Cool!

        I have another question..... I’ve heard something about a Candlelight procession? Is that the parade or something else?

        And now it's only 17 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Re: 1st at Christmas any tips/must see/do welcome!!!

          Just got back from my trip and had to tell you all thank you so much for your wonderful advice!!!!!! I had a great time!!!!!!!

          The Blue Bayou's Monte Cristo sandwich was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!! That was an awesome tip and asking for an extra plate what a money saver! So, I was really able to go and experience it at a price I could afford!

          I was so in love with Christmas music playing everywhere in the park and the decorations were so festive!

          And the Castle all lit up? All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

          IASW was way more amazing than my imagination could think up! So awesome!

          Anyway, I could go on and on, but I just wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions that made my first Christmas at Disneyland so special!!!!!! :love:


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