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Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA


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  • [Chat] Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

    What do you think is the best queue in both parks?

    Now, many people have their own idea what 'best' refers to when we're talking about attraction queues, that being themeing and efficiency. A well-themed queue should set the stage as it were for the story to follow, giving you a bit of back story on the attraction you are about to experience. By efficiency I mean that the queue not only moves people through the line quickly but was not over-built or under-built for the amount of people that come to the attraction. So I'd thought I'd pose both questions, what rides in both DL and DCA have the best themed queues and which have the most efficient queues?

    In Disneyland, I think the best themed queue would be Indiana Jones or Splash Mountain. Both, especially Indy, really immerse you in the story visually. I think Indy is just a bit ahead of Splash because the Temple that you walk through in the queue, albeit not very efficient, is amazing and makes you really feel like you've been transported into the lost Indian Delta.

    In DCA, I think the best themed queue is the Tower of Terror queue. The authentic 1939 hotel lobby and boiler room coupled with the pre-show that never gets old, gives a good back story for the ride to follow.

    In Disneyland, the most efficient queue I think is Space Mountain. The imagineers made excellent use of that terrace one level above Tomorrowland where most of the line for the ride forms. It's very adaptable for both FP and SB users and therefore can be altered depending on the amount of people in the line.

    In DCA, it's hard to say, most of the queues in this park aren't that efficient (I've yet to be to Cars Land so I can't really give my opinion on any of those rides) but I'll stay safe and say that California Screamin' is pretty darn efficient, easily handling lines of up to an hour as well as a FP line.

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    Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

    I have never been to DCA - (I moved to Rhode Island in 1999) But in Disneyland I would have to say the best queue is Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.

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      Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

      While it's not the best queue, I always enjoy the Gadgets Go Coaster queue.
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        Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

        Pirates of the Caribbean. It's efficient, has no thematic breaks, and sets the mood for the ride.


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          Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

          Since I grew up with Uncle Remus and Tales of Brear Rabbit, the writings on the wall of Splash make me smile and set the tone for visiting the Briar Patch. "It wasn't yesterday nor the day before, but it was a long time ago"


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            Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

            I like the Haunted Mansion queue the best because of the pet cemetary


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              Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

              I love Indy because from the marquee to the exit the whole thing is completely immersive.
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                Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                Indy before fastpass. Roger Rabbit is good. Also really like HM and Pirates
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                  Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                  thats a tough one. i think my favorites would have to be splash mountain in disneyland & radiators springs racers in DCA. jungle cruise is pretty nice too.


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                    Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                    Best and favorite are different....

                    While Indy I'd say is the best.....HM and Pirates Q just are favorites
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                      Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                      I love te one for Golden Zephyr. Such detail, completely breathtaking.
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                        Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                        Haunted Mansion... It captures a creepy look all the way from the front gate to the door. The landscape is f=perfect for it as well. Indy would be a close second as well.
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                          Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA
                          1. Indy
                          2. Roger Rabbit
                          3. Space Mountain


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                            Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                            My favorite queue is definitely, without a doubt Indy. The most efficiencent in the park? Nope. One of the most immersive and detail-oriented? Most definitely. I even enjoy the outdoor portion that most people seem to loathe, but the real enjoyment starts inside the temple. Everything from the facade to the winding caves to the skylights and vines to the projection room is an incredible example of story telling. Walking through the queue, I feel like I'm in an archaeological dig somewhere in the middle of the jungle. It transports me right into the world of Indiana Jones, it completely immerses you the story, and that's what I consider a well-done queue. I never cease to be amazed walking through it.

                            I also love queue for Space Tours, starting where the fastpass entry is. I feel like I'm a tourist in a space terminal, waiting to board a Star Speeder for a vacation to an alien planet, and the other guests around me are also traveling to various destinations. The entire story is just so believable. I love the screen that lists the various destinations, similar to those in airports, the baggage check, the window that has the silhouettes of various characters passing through, all the details work together to create a fantastic experience.

                            My third favorite is Space Mountain, minus the awful outside portion. Once I step into the indoor portion, I'm transported to another world. Those narrow corridors really do make me feel like I'm walking through a portion of a space station that's orbiting thousands of miles up in the icy darkness of space, about to embark on a voyage to explore this amazing universe and sail through the stars!

                            I feel like Roger Rabbit, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Haunted Mansion all deserve honorable mentions! I won't keep blabbering on about why I like them, since it's basically the same reasons as above: the details immerse you in the story, stepping inside the queue is a portal to a new world.

                            As far as the most efficient queue, my vote goes to Pirates of the Caribbean. It's pretty space efficient while being visual appealing. The queues for the Fantasyland dark rides also seem to be pretty space efficient,.

                            Again, without the slightest trace of doubt in my mind, Tower of Terror. Dare I say, I might even like the queue more than Indy. It's sheer perfection. The details, the music, how the atmosphere becomes progressively creepier as you advance through the queue. I never feel like I have enough time to soak up the details and environment of any given portion of the queue.

                            Radiator Springs Racers comes in a close second. Stepping into the queue, you're transported to another time, another place, my mind wouldn't let me believe that this was modern day Anaheim. The beautiful rock work around you, the old buildings, the cacti and other foliage, the old time music, everything was just perfect. I immensely enjoyed waiting for the attraction, perhaps more than the actual ride itself.

                            I also loved Luigi's Flying Tires queue! The inside is nothing short of perfect, with the various tires on display, his beloved white walls taking center stage, and the other details that make erase all doubt that you're really in Luigi's shop. I rode in the morning, and was a little disappointed that the line started outside, so I didn't spend as much time in the indoor portion as I would have liked, since my family rushed through the inside to catch up with the line. But I did have enough time to soak up the atmosphere of the outdoor portion of the queue, which was beautiful! The festive colors, the cheerful Italian music, the fun tire-inspired details, the red and white roses, it was extremely well-done. I could easily pass on the ride itself, but I will definitely return for the queue!

                            I also think that the Monsters Inc. queue is adorable. The posters and ads imagined for the world of Monstropolis are a kick! There are some lovely details that really make you feel like you've entered Monstropolis. It's an effective pre-show to a great little dark ride.

                            I'm not sure what the most "efficient" queue in DCA is. I'm leaning towards California Screamin'. I'm not really fond of the queue, but it seems to take up just the right amount of space for the ride's needs. My only complaint is the Single Rider set-up. The area after the elevator is always packed, to the point that people can barely exit the elevator.


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                              Re: Best Queue in Disneyland/DCA

                              Haunted Mansion
                              Splash Mountain
                              Space Mountain


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