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  • [Idea] Other idea for Innoventions

    So, I have been trying for a long time to think of how to put a relevant show back into the lower floor of the rotating theater -- if they didn't permanently destroy that possibility when they converted it to a flat floor for Innoventions. I know it has leaked that they would be putting in an Ironman attraction, but I also think I may be on to something here. This is in the early stages of my thought process, so pleased bear with me.

    My thinking is to put a transportation themed show into the space, with some interactive elements. Transportation attractions have a long history in Tomorrowland, and this would be a chance to bring elements of all of them together, with a look toward the future.

    The start and format of the show would follow in the footsteps of the original Carousel of Progress show, with the theater rotating between scenes. Also, in the same vein it would progress from old transportation toward the future. Some of the enhancements would be interactive elements (either through integrated seat voting components, or app). it would feature in-theater effects, as well as randomized elements so that the show is never the same twice. Each section would have animations but one or two would rely on projection elements primarily to reduce maintenance and make it easy to "keep it fresh".

    Interspersed throughout would be tributes to previous Tomorrowland attractions.

    Overall it should end up with a broad appeal, to people who want Disney nostalgia, new fans, some action seekers (should be able to pull off some thrilling effects these days), and those who just want to sit down . Personally, Disneyland needs a place to be able to sit down during the day and be entertained other than Lincoln.

    I will post more when I come up with a preliminary scene break-down. I could really see this as a big draw for a lot of reasons, if it is done right. Note I realize some people will dismiss this and find it really boring. If I could describe the way I envisioning it, you might have second thoughts.
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    Re: Other idea for Innoventions

    I love the idea
    what would we do with that big triangle in the facade??????
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