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After the Party it's the After Party.

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  • [Chat] After the Party it's the After Party.

    So I have been thinking more about Disney and the Holiday Party rubbish.

    First of all, I feel bad for people who cannot come to the park often, and then with time limitations from work and other responsibilities, may only have a couple days and only at certain times. It would be a bummer to pay for an all day ticket, only to discover the park closes early. If you want to stay in the park longer, you have to pony up some more dough. All I can think about is Clark Griswold punching Marty Moose in the face.

    Next, if I come to Disneyland during a Holiday season, I would like some Holiday atmosphere, please. Of course Disney doesn't have to get festive at all, but it has been an extremely lovely touch I've enjoyed greatly. While the Soundsational Parade was enjoyable, it also had a very summertime feel to it. It took me out of the season a little bit, I'm sure it would feel strange (to me) during Christmas time as well.

    This whole party thing feels like grade A bologna.

    I would be more inclined to purchase a ticket for an extra special after party, if the party was actually EXTRA special. Instead, they are eating time into the FULL park day I purchased, and providing entertainment that WAS already offered.

    This is a pointless rant, but I would just like to get this off my chest. Here are a few things that would make this more tolerable to me.

    1. Don't eat into the day someone already paid for. Make it a real after party and have it actually be after the regular park day.
    2. Leave at least a holiday themed parade in the park during the day. Have the parade be seasonal and perhaps less elaborate than the after party parade, but at least have it fit the rest of the seasonal decor and atmosphere on Main Street.
    3. I would say leave the fireworks as regular park day finale. It could be the ending of a great day for some, and a kick starter for after party guests. They could also dream up some sort of other NEW holiday show for the after party on top of that.
    4. When purchasing something like a 3-5 day park hopper, it would be kinda nice if they offered a greater discount for the after party. (Maybe they already do and I missed it?) That isn't as important to me as my other 3 wishes. (The Genie says I only get 3 anyway.)

    If they made the party actually feel like something extra, and I mean extra as in actually AFTER the regular park day, and extra as in NEW and special entertainment offerings instead of removing, redistributing and recharging old offerings, I'd feel much more inclined to pay up some EXTRA cash for something that actually feels like something EXTRA.
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    Re: After the Party it's the After Party.

    I agree....but then people buy out the Halloween Disney knows it does not have to comprise anything for there fans....they will buy tickets almost no matter how much and even if the entertainment is limited...

    For me personally, I'd say make a Christmas version of the Electrical Parade at least...not just reused old shows we've seen before...that's one of my biggest problems with the parties they offer old entertainment for more money
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      Re: After the Party it's the After Party.

      i like the holiday electric parade idea
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        Re: After the Party it's the After Party.

        I have never seen the regular Electrical Parade, but I think a special Christmas one sounds pretty sweet still. Would certainly make the party feel more special.
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