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Upgrade Prize Tickets to AP?


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  • [Question] Upgrade Prize Tickets to AP?

    Quick question to anyone who may know...

    A friend of mine just won a radio promo trip to Disneyland - four 2-day Park Hoppers and resort hotel stay. He still has to confirm ID with the radio station and then Disney Vacations will be contacting him to make arrangements. So at this point he doesn't have anything in hand and the radio station doesn't have this kind of info.

    Does anyone know if the ticket supplied on a prize like this is upgradeable to an AP or does Disney put an upgrade restriction on that type of ticket media? He was already planning on getting an AP early next year anyway, but this could really help get the balling rolling sooner on Disney's dime.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Upgrade Prize Tickets to AP?

    I have some experience with this, but not sure if it would help... I won AYOAMD tickets for 4 from a radio station here is AZ a few years ago... There was NO dollar value on the back of the card. Just said One Day Admission. Also, we JUST got back 1 week ago from a WDW trip we won all expenses paid trip for. The tickets were waiting at the concierge desk for us. These too said 5 day admission. No dollar value. Neither were able to upgrade. It depends upon the type of ticket they will be receiving.
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      Re: Upgrade Prize Tickets to AP?

      Thanks Mindy. That's kind of a bummer...But a free trip is nothing to shake a stick at either. Guess we'll just have to check the tickets when he gets them. Worst they can say is "no".

      Hopefully someone else may post some different results.



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        Re: Upgrade Prize Tickets to AP?

        Promotional tickets (and complimentary tickets) have never been upgradable at any of the theme parks I've been to. If the tickets you receive have a dollar amount printed on them, then the ticket itself can be used as a credit toward an upgrade. However, your pass would be back dated to the date in which you first used the promotional ticket. If the ticket says "complimentary" or words to that effect and has no dollar amount printed on it, then it's not upgradable and are officially considered valueless in terms of dollars and cents (like when you purchase a meal specifically to get the World of Color Fast Passes and the performance gets cancelled).
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