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1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

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  • Trip Report 1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

    So here's how our day went with my husband in a wheelchair due to a crushed foot (he's probably going to lose a couple of toes btw):

    Got to the park around 9am with a wheelchair we had rented off site. Thanks to the helpful people of Micechat I knew to grab the brochure on how to get on the rides when you are in a wheelchair and we headed to CA. I ran to get us fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers but they were already gone. "That's ok, you're in a wheelchair, you get to go to the front of all the lines" some well meaning guest told us. "Not true and not expected" we replied. We actually had a longer wait on most of the rides then those who waited in the regular lines, especially on Toy Story Mania and Pirates. The only ride we saved time on was Peter Pan. When we were waiting for Big Thunder the CM denied the 2 parties ahead of us in line because they didn't have any wheelchairs in their parties or the pass you can get from City Hall, I can't remember what it is called.

    We got a lot of stupid remarks from people: I'd love to be pushed around the park all day; I'll have to remember to do that next time I come here, ect. Yeah it was great pushing my husband around...

    The parks were very busy. We didn't get on many rides but that's ok, we still had fun. Had my Guinness and lobster natchos at Cove Bar. Got to ride the Little Mermaid ride twice. Love Cars Land!

    So did we get on Radiator Springs Racers?? daughter and I stayed later than the rest in our party so we decided to check out the line at 10pm. Still 120 min. We were tired so we decided to head back. Then a lovely couple offered us a FP for 2 people!! It was handwritten and for 11:15pm so we thought we'd check with the CM. "No problem but you have to wait until 11:15". I suddenly got my second wind and we wandered around all giddy until 11:15pm then handed the new CM our FP. "Where's the paper that goes with this?" he asked. "What paper??? It was given to us by guests who weren't going to use it."
    "I'm sorry this is a disability FP and you can't use it without the paper that goes with it." Where was my wheelchair bound husband when I needed him and why did no one tell us he could have gotten a special FP when the others ran out?? We tried cutesy pie eyes and told him our sad story but he wouldn't budge. That's ok, we like to play by the rules so we'll just have to come back next year and go on it then, not going to let it spoil my day.

    Despite the wheelchair and crowds we had a great day. We were at DL so who can complain!! But next time if someone breaks something before we go, I'll cancel and rebook!

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    Re: 1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

    Sorry for your hubby's (and your) troubles. did you consider the SIngle rider line with your daughter on RSR? I did it with two of my kids that same night you were there, wait ime was 45-60 minutes. And we saw Kobe walking out the exit.
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      Re: 1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

      Thanks for sharing! It's really sad about your husband's foot and the whole ordeal in the park due to that also.


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        Re: 1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

        i'm sorry that people made snide comments. nobody wants a member of their party to be in a wheelchair. but like you said, you were in disneyland! and now you have an excuse to go back.

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          Re: 1 day, 2 parks, 1 wheelchair 10/12/12

          Actually if you are in a wheel chair you can use the single rider line and at a certain point you will be directed up to wheelchair (handicapped) loading. This is done because you cannot load from a wheelchair in the regular line and you can have up to 4 people with you to help the person in the wheelchair get into the car. You take as long as you need to get in the car because the car is low down and if your husband had a crushed foot or toe or whatever, you simply cannot load within the few seconds you have in the regular line. This is not some kind of perk, you need the time to get in and out of the car which you cannot do in the regular line. I need an EVC now when I go to the Park because I can no longer stand or walk for very long. This is Godsend for people in wheelchairs, or EVC's or even using a cane. You will see what I mean when you go again next year.
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