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DCA needs a Halloween Maze!


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    Re: DCA needs a Halloween Maze!

    Originally posted by Pinrar View Post
    Thats like saying Walt followed the seedy carnivals of his day by going for a "fun" factor. There are many approaches to similar goals. They would be creating their own formula to tackle "scare." I think most people here calling for Disney to try their hand at some scares want to see them do it differently than everyone else.

    Some suggested pg-13 scares which is not yet offered by anyone.
    Some suggested Highly themed, high quality environments which imo is not yet offered by anyone.
    Agreed! There are lots of people that want a Halloween event that doesn't include dismemberment and chainsaws, but at the same time have little interest in getting candy and taking a picture with Goofy dressed like a pirate. There is nothing wrong or even that different about Disney being a little scary. Walt Disney was OK with Snow White's Scary Adventure, a ride through Hell on Mr. Toad, the Pleasure Island segment of Pinnochio, head hunters on Jungle Cruise, the cavern on Pirates, and the early versions of Haunted Mansion Walt Disney saw before his death that were much scarier than the final version.


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      Re: DCA needs a Halloween Maze!

      I don't want a maze at DCA, I want three. (One the first year, two the second, and three from then on.)

      I don't want a separate admission for DCA during Halloween.

      I want the mazes to open at 2 or 3pm and DCA to stay open till 1am on Friday and Saturday nights.
      (Like in the Eliot Bros. song, for those of you with the "50th Anniversary: A Musical History of Disneyland" CD collection.)

      I want signs: "Not for children under 13. If you are tryng to bring in your 9 year old, you are a BAD PARENT." I want a 60" height requirement that is waived if a guest is looks 16 or older.
      Most importantly, I want these mazes to be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH
      .better than the mazes at Knott's, the Queen Mary, and at Universal.

      I want Disney to spend more money on its mazes than its competitors, not overall, but per maze.

      I want a much higher capacity (with the identical mazes in each location, different only because of the live actors),

      and have more amazing special effects.

      I want these mazes to be bigger and grander. I want C.B. DeMille shots at the start and at the climactic ending.

      I want Disney's mazes to be funnier. No gore. But also, never cute.

      The first year I want Disney villains in its one maze.

      The second year I want (added to the villains maze) "Revenge of the Sith." Or "Attack of the Sith." A Star Wars maze.

      The third year, I want "The Other Haunted Mansion." Or a haunted house/maze by another name.

      After that. I'd like the worst maze replaced by a new one each year. I'd like the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland to give up it's "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme in favor if a different Halloween theme, or just plussed at Halloween with live actors playing a knight, that Hatbox ghost, Madam Leota, the caretaker with a real dog, etc. for a number of years. And during these years I'd like the "Nightmare Before Christmas" to be a live DCA maze, as another Micechatter has suggested.

      Originally posted by calsig31 View Post

      . . . the sale of alcohol does not equate to non-family friendly. Chuck e Cheese sells beer also and don't think there is anyone in their right mind arguing that place is aimed at adults. . .
      We've served beer to the grown ups at my young daughter's birthday parties and it seems like everyone has had a nice time. I'd like DCA to be like EPCOT: very good for kids, but LOVED by adults too.
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