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The Mystique of the exclusive, off limits, unknown Club 33...


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  • [Chat] The Mystique of the exclusive, off limits, unknown Club 33...

    Howdy Pards,

    Well, for most of us it is nothing more than a mysterious door on an ornate street in New Orleans Square. It is supposed to be a secret don't ya know? Yet it is quite possibly the worst kept secret ever to be found in the world of Disney.

    There it is. Behind it...a place where only the very rich and their servants can a mysterious, high quality, eating establishment set apart from those mere mortals who dine below...

    Walt Disney, who, himself is said to have dined on more than one occasion on beans directly from a can...who loved chili and crackers...understood that there are some individuals who would enjoy the exclusive nature of a mysterious, hidden away, dining establishment where business could be discussed in complete privacy. Secrets could be kept. And poor, ordinary people could be shut out entirely.

    Why should such a place hold such an attraction for ordinary mortals? They have their turkey legs on which to chew, their plastic cups to drink out of...why should they desire to drink from these fine glasses or eat off these fine plates with real silverware and cloth napkins? Why would mere ordinary people wish such a thing?

    Braggin' rights I suppose. To be able to say I ate at Club 33! I'm better than ordinary mortals who eat hot dogs down there in "the park". I'm an insider.

    Well, I'm guessin' at all this...I've never been in Club 33...I can, in truth, barely afford that turkey leg or hot dog when I visit the park...but, I understand Walt's love of beans directly from a can...and a nice warm bowl of chili and crackers...

    There have always been "the haves" and "the have nots". Reckon there always will be. There have always been mysterious places where the extremely rich go to dine and keep secrets.

    Those places are places I will probably never visit in what's left of my humble lifetime...but I have a souvenir, plastic, Disneyland cup I bought years and years ago...they will sell that in a flea market or antique store when I die...

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan

    I can hear the bronco's neighin', I can hear the cowboys sing,
    I'd like to be in Texas for the Round-up in the Spring."

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    Re: The Mystique of the exclusive, off limits, unknown Club 33...

    Thoughtful treatment of the ol' Club, Dan! And I agree -- it must be the worst kept secret of all Disney secrets. As much as I do enjoy seeing pictures of this "inner sanctum", it's almost too bad that today's cyber-Pandora's box ruins the mystery!


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      Re: The Mystique of the exclusive, off limits, unknown Club 33...

      I've seen pictures, heard rumors for years......but it's nothing like being in there and eating. Even my photo's are not as great as seeing it in person.
      Little and broken, but still good.


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