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Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12


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  • [Pictures] Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

    not owned by Disney.

    Like I said, his costume is amazing. It even lights up!

    There was this guy's costume. It was really great. But I think Austin wins because I know him.

    It's Disney, now!

    Marceline is ready to brave The Matterhorn!

    The Phantom knows how to fight off the abdominal snowman... by singing!

    The Ghostbuster's proton pack malfunctioned didn't get to ride with us. He got it working again shortly after.

    Bustin' Makes Him Feel Good.

    A full moon over Disneyland. This was a good night to come.

    Spooky line for spooky treats.

    So much fog!

    An orange pumpkin singing the blues.

    For the event, the park has all sorts of different lighting and fog effects. It's almost a different park!


    Riding on a runaway ghost train!

    The Dapper Dans sang a capella versions of some favorite spooky tunes. It was quite fantastic.

    Marceline really enjoyed the music. She played along on her axe.

    Christine wanted to sing along but the Phantom kidnapped her instead.

    Around this time, Diandra showed up and showed off her costume.

    Katniss Everdeen was ready for some candy!

    In the candy line! You can see The Jetsons in the back, trying to get a picture of Phantom and Christine.

    So much awesome fog!

    Our Ghostbuster was ready for all the ghosts on The Haunted Mansion.

    Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree is quite the sight to see. I want one of these in my own house.

    Around this time, there was a gathering of people out in front of the castle.

    "Hmm... there must be a reason for this..."

    Of course! FIREWORKS!

    We met up with our friends George and Elly, who dressed as Jack Skellington and Sally, and we watched the fireworks. But not before taking an awesome group picture.

    The fireworks show was fantastic. A little cheesy at times, but really great at others. Love this one every year.

    Katniss just learned that Indy would be closed until December.

    The night was winding down and we wanted to hop on another coaster. We decided that a final spin on Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy would be prudent.

    HISS! Christmas at Halloween! Be GONE!

    A little more trick-or-treating was in order.

    Man, animatronics have gotten REALLY good over the years.

    By now the park was closed down for the night and it was apparent that the Halloween season was at an end.

    We followed the outflow of bodies toward the exit and headed home.

    And so ends another wonderful Halloween Season.

    Happy Halloween!


    Look at this haul!
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    Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12



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      Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

      Oh my gosh your picture from Space Mountain has me cracking up! I LOVE IT!! Did you see the guy dressed up as the Ice King? Ahhhhmazing! Love all of your costumes and glad you had fun! We were there, too. Definitely a blast!

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        Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

        nice pictures thanks


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          Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

          Totally random, but was your Ghostbuster friend at Howl at the Moon last saturday night? I have very blurry memory from that night (buckets of booze!), but a Ghostbuster won the men's costume contest and I swear he looked just like him.


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            Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

            Why, yes, he was. In fact, we all were. Click image for larger version

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              Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

              Love your pics!
              For the love of Disney....:yea:


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                Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

                ^Thanks! I love taking them!


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                  Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

                  Hooray! My booze infused memory isn't completely horrible after all! I was Poison Ivy, not the one with Freeze, but the one with the Catwoman who won for best female costume.


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                    Re: Tircks and Treats at Disneyland 10-29-12

                    love the ghostbuster costume
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