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glow woth the show ears

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  • [Question] glow woth the show ears

    me and my girlfriend had these ears and recently had to replace batteries. just the other day, we finally actually went to buy some battery, but when switch the dead ones with fresh ones, the ears just have a dim red light on. same thing with my girlfriends. Im wondering if anyone has experienced this or is there some trick to this or some secret password or ritual?????

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    Re: glow woth the show ears

    LOL, yes, there is a ritual. You must stand naked under the light of a full moon and turn around thrice while chanting the lyrics to the Mickey Mouse Club song...THEN they work.

    But seriously, I just switched my batteries and everything was fine, but my friend switched hers and nothing happened (this was her second pair, as the first pair did the same thing), so...I'm thinking these aren't the highest quality products Disney has ever produced...
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      Re: glow woth the show ears

      I have seen a dim red light in the ear without the on/off "button".
      Replaced the batteries, and everything was fine.

      It is a good idea to remove the batteries before storing the Glow with the Show Ears.
      The on/off sensor will slowly drain the batteries.


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        Re: glow woth the show ears

        I've allways wanted to take it apart.....
        Take a look at some of my models I make at