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Disney California Adventure 2.0: Phase 2


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  • [Idea] Disney California Adventure 2.0: Phase 2

    Hey guys,
    These are some ideas I have for Phase 2 of DCA. Some of them are bigger details than others, but these are just my thoughts. I think they are on the right track, but so much is disjointed and awkward. If the park is going to be themed to California, then they need to commit to it! So, without further ado, here we go!

    Entrance area:
    The turnstiles will be retimed to look slightly less garish and match the Mission-style architecture that is featured in the entrance of BVS. There will be many trees and maybe some physical walls as to hide a majority of BVS and the rest of the park from the outside. The sound stages and Soarin' will also be hidden from public view as best as possible to help create a more immersive, surprising entrance.

    I personally love the Muppets and think that using the movie theatre to show clips from Tron Legacy, Frankenweenie, and Prep and Landing shows that people have lost interest in a 23 year-old film. They're still a popular franchise, and I think that a new film could be great. The working title is The Muppet Movie 4D, and the theatre/queue would have a new facade that looks like a traditional film marquee. The entrance would have a red carpet, and the facade would still have some Muppet-customized quirks. The inside would be themed like the lobby of a theatre, but with some Muppet characteristics.

    Now, taking over Stage 17, Monsters Inc, Hollywood and Vine, and the Backlot Express store would be The Great Movie Ride. The show building and exit gift shop would take up all of the space up until the bathrooms near the Hyperion. The building will be connected to the Muppet Theatre as well as the Hyperion, as if it is a theatre row. The Great Movie Ride will look more like the 1940's offices of a major movie company. The queue will feature interactive film posters that actually are video screens, as well as video screens with film trivia games. There will be posters all over, as well as different film memorabilia that Disney would have access to. Due to recent acquisitions and licensing rights, Disney would have access to Miramax, Marvel, and Lucasfilm properties as well as Disney films. Here, in no order, are the proposed scene ideas: Captain America, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Chicago, Avatar, Titanic, Iron Man, Shakespeare In Love, Mary Poppins, Enchanted, Freaky Friday, 20k Leagues Under The Sea. There would not be narrator like in the Florida version, but film screens at the beginning and end of the ride would talk about how this is a retrospective of film history.

    Finally, the Hyperion Theatre will have its queue and facade enclosed and redone. It will be done so that people enter through the front, then the main lobby will be to the side. The lobby will be free-roaming, with queueing up happening thirty minutes before the show. The theatre's lobby will be reminiscent of the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and it will feature a merchandise stand themed to the show, telling CDs and t-shirts and the like.

    Side note: the current Backlot Stage will be converted in to the stroller parking area for Hollywoodland. The concept is that it is free and there are Disney-hired monitors, but it frees up the pathways and it keeps some thematic illusions.

    El Camino Real
    Since this area of the park, labeled as the Golden State, is kind of in limbo, let's give it an identity. There will be lots of trees and rockwork to blend BVS, Grizzly Valley, Mission Square (see below), and Cars Land. It will feature freeway-like signs to direct people to Paradise Pier and Cars Land, using small billboard-like signs as if they are destinations and El Camino Real is a highway of sorts. It will set up Paradise Pier as a destination and Cars Land are almost a roadside attraction, keeping somewhat of a story.

    Mission Square
    Since a bug's land is not as big of a hot spot as it was, and since there are more rides for kids in DCA, I figured it would be fine to raze the whole land. If anything, some of the rides could eventually be retrofitted in to something else. The land, themed to the Hispanic culture and Mission movement of California, will feature a town square that features a Mexican folk dancing show every hour and a half. The two main attractions are a stunt spectacular themed to Zorro and a moderate-sized dark ride themed to the Three Caballeros. I miss the great stunt shows that Disney did, and I think Zorro is the perfect character for this land. The Three Caballeros will be a cute dark ride aimed towards little kids, not necessarily at par with The Little Mermaid but a step up from Snow White, so maybe Winnie the Pooh (but better)? There will be a Mexican restaurant, since I will be replacing Rita's Baja Blenders and Cocina Cucamonga with a new attraction, as described below!

    San Francisco Street
    What is left of Pacific Wharf is Ghiradelli, Boudin, and an Asian restaurant: all of these elements evoke San Francisco. Therefore, let's turn the area in to San Francisco Street. The two factory tours will remain intact, and the Lucky Fortune Cookery will remain, but with a new two-level, indoor seating area.

    The rest of the land, as well as the little amount of backstage land I imagine is behind it will become a new ride: Cable Car Frenzy. It will be a new simulator ride where you board a cable car and it goes on a crazy ride through San Francisco. The loading area will be a relatively authentic version of a cable car turnaround, and the four cable cars will drive in to respective garages, where the ride takes place. There will be video screens located on all four sides, as well as the roof and even the floor to create an immersive experience to go through San Francisco. The ride entrance will look like Golden Gate Park, so it will blend in with Grizzly Peak nearby.

    This will also make the Golden Wine Vinery's Napa feeling make more sense with San Francisco away. It will be considered a part of San Francisco Street and the Blue Sky Cellar will be razed to become a covered dining area for the restaurant.

    Grizzly Valley
    First off, the Redwood Creek Trail Challenge will be gone. The area's space will become to a roller coaster with a suspended track called the Mammoth Ski Lift. It will be themed to a ski lift, and the base of the ride will be themed to mountains. The story itself will be that the ride starts off in a ski lodge and then you board the ski lift to ride to a crazy tall mountain.

    Condor Flats, while a smart idea, is not strong enough to be a land on its own, so it will become a subsection of Condor Flats. The kind of blank land area will be filled with trees and rocks that evoke Grizzly Valley. Soarin' Over California will have some deep cleaning done to the screen, as well as new scenes highlighting L.A. Live, the Hollywood sign, and ending with DCA and the World of Color fountains. The building will still look like a hangar, but most likely be painted a different color to work with the Grand California.

    The Taste Pilot's Grill will be converted in to a rustic lodge and be named the Big Dipper. It will be a counter service restaurant, but it will feature a fondue menu. The roof will feature murals of constellations and the stars will twinkle at night. It will look much nicer than the current hangar building in order to create a smoother transition to Buena Vista Street.

    Paradise Pier
    First off, those San Francisco-themed buildings will now be themed to the Little Mermaid building and the Golden Wine Vinery. Since there is an actual San Francisco street I figured this would have been even more out of place. Working around the Pier, here is a link to my idea for an Ariel meet and greet:

    Golden Zephyr will be refurbished so the shiny mirrored vehicles will stick out less - I'm thinking some sort of a copper color. The building itself will be painted less of a candy red and go darker. The queue will be cut down since it is not that popular of a ride. The entrance side will now house a shop in the base of the tower, called Clarabelle's Taffy Tower. It will sell salt-water taffy, as well as World of Color, Monsters Inc, and Paradise Pier merchandise.

    Jumpin Jellyfish' will be moved to the eastern helix (the one that was always empty) and the ride itself will be remodeled to be called the Hot Air Balloon Droppers. The queue will form where the carousel is. King Triton's Carousel will move to the western helix (where the Maliboomer is). The Hot Air Balloon Droppers will have the vehicles look like hot air balloons and there will be a stained-glass canopy atop the ride. It will form a gazebo around the ride, looking nice and making the ride operable when it is raining outside. Jumpin' Jellyfish's current space will become a trio of changing tents that house meet and greets. This will mean that the current meet-and-greet gazebo over by Ariel's Grotto will no long need to be there and the area will just be a plain lookout area.

    Working back over to Goofy's Sky Skool, I know it was just redone, but I have a better theme in mind. The ride and queue will be fully enclosed and it will be a mx of a fun house with Monsters Inc. It will not just keep the suits who seem to love Pixar happy, but create a pier-appropriate ride with a film tie-in that works well with the nature of the ride.

    Now, the dreaded California Screamin' queue. The plan would be that the queue would be the offices of Gustav Tinkerschimdt, looking like an older warehouse that still fits the architecture of Paradise Pier. On the outside it would look fine, but on the inside it would look slightly abandoned. The walls would be adorned with old Paradise Pier artifacts, relating to both the current attractions and nods to past ones. The ride will now start indoors, with there being some narration of the ride having been turned on for the first time in ages, so they're not sure as to how it will react - hence the launch and such. The soundtrack will stay the same, but still be the same music and still keep the same dynamics.

    So these are my thoughts, sorry it's kind of long! Do you guys have any thoughts?

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    Re: Disney California Adventure 2.0: Phase 2

    I like this, I like it a lot.

    I hope DCA gets a nice, smaller, renovation sometime soon, not on par with what we recently had, but enough to make the park perfect​.
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      Re: Disney California Adventure 2.0: Phase 2

      Yes fix the spots that have not gotten any thing
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        Re: Disney California Adventure 2.0: Phase 2

        Originally posted by mratigan View Post
        Yes fix the spots that have not gotten any thing
        For sure. While my ideas included totally new lands, areas like Grizzly Valley/Condor Flats and Hollywoodland have only gotten minor fixes.


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