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Let us now praise DCA.


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  • Let us now praise DCA.

    I spent over ten minutes writing this list on another thread so I'm giving it its own thread
    because of some character flaw I'm not introspective enough to fix.

    DCA is now wonderful!

    the whole Animation complex,
    Aladdin (fix the flying carpet, but still very good, but, yeah, replace it with the Lion King),
    the view of Paradise Pier--one of the most beautiful man-made views in America,
    Mickey's Fun Wheel,
    California Screamin',
    Toy Story Mania,
    The World of Color,
    free chocolate samples,
    Grizzly River Rapids,
    the whole Redwood Creek area,
    the proximity to the best hotel lobby in S. California (
    fireside storytelling, excellent piano players, really nice bathrooms, a great Christmas tree and wonderful carolers, and arguably the best restaurant in Orange County),
    the Golden Zephyr, the swings, and Triton's merry-go-round--especially after dark,
    in fact, all of DCA at night,
    Flo's V8 cafe, especially the views from the south side, outdoor patio,
    the two not-off-the-shelf rides in Carsland (Mater's & Luigi's),
    the neon lights of Carsland,
    It's Tough to Be a Bug,
    The Muppets 3D,
    this is unfair, but DCA/Disneyland enjoy the best weather of any Disney resorts in the world,
    the new Walt statue,
    it's convenient proximity to an even better theme park, Downtown Disney, and restaurants on Harbor we will walk to if DCA's food ever declines or costs too much for us,
    the quality of Buena Vista Street,
    the lost and found system (I left my sweatshirt there last Saturday and they mailed back to me so that it arrived less than a week later, for FREE.)
    the attractive gardeny pasta restaurant area to the west of the swings,
    the get-away-from-the-crowds pathway (Howdy smokers!) through the GR Rapids,
    the free Disney Visa photos with characters area,
    the 1-5pm dance party for kids,
    fresh bread bowls,
    the Mariachi Divas,
    and Radiator Springs Racers.

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    Re: Let us now praise DCA.

    I think you mentioned most of mine. But I do have a few more to add...

    Tower of Terror. Yes, it wasn't the first made, but it's one of my favorite parts of the park. A memorable and chilling story, an incredible queue that becomes progressively more sinister and creepy as you near the boarding station, and a breathtaking facade that towers of the rest of the park. I can't imagine DCA, or at the very least, Hollywood Land, without this attraction.

    The magical and immersive Carthay Circle Theater. It's really a dining experience like no other. Oh, and the Rose Petal Soda is absolutely delicious. I keep craving it and wishing that I could be at DCA just to drink some.

    The window displays of Trolley Treats: you know, ones that haven't been cluttered with generic merchandise and that look fantastic. If the other windows ever get fixed, this will be at the top of my list of favorite things at the park.

    Speaking of the windows, although they looked awful during my visit (all crammed full of tacky souvenirs that hid the period props), NOW they're looking amazing for Christmastime! Lots of period props that really convey a sense of 1930's Hollywood Christmastime spirit. And how 'bout those bell ringers? And that Santa meet-and-greet inside Elias & Co.? Perfect!

    And, speaking of Christmastime on BVS, what about Cars Land? Especially all those Christmas trees that reflect each car's personalities. Sarge's tree with patriotic ornaments, Fillmore's tree of recycled scrap metal adorned with peace signs, Sally's whimsical cone tree. I really can't get enough of the land's creative and quirky holiday decorations.

    And oh, Cars Land. The beautiful rock work of Cadillac Range! And the queue of RSR is so well-done. The charming buildings with humorous signs, the cacti and other desert foliage, the views of the rock work, the fantastic period music. The wait in the queue was a pure joy. But who can forget the queue for Luigi's? The beautiful display of tires, his beloved whitewalls rightfully taking center-stage, and the outside portion with the bouncy Italian music, spirited red, white, and green flags and streamers, the red and white roses, and the olive trees in tire-shaped planters. I loved it! Oh, and yes, the neon lights are beautiful, but I wouldn't just stop at saying the neon lights. You have to include the lighting ceremony. How the land is suddenly transformed before your eyes, bathed in the colorful glow of neon as the melody of "Life Could be a Dream" floods your ears. One word to describe this experience: breathtaking.

    Back to BVS... not only does the entire land have quality and beautiful details (and free newspapers!), but it now is an entrance that tells a story that really helps set the stage for the entire park and welcome the guests to their journey through the history and stories of California. Oh, and who can forget the fabulous characters of Buena Vista Street? I love 'em! Office Calvin Blue is my favorite. ♥

    The views from Mickey's Fun Wheel. Now, I'm deathly afraid of Ferris wheels, but I still mustered up the courage to go on this one purely for the views of the DCA, Disneyland, and the city. It offers a really unique perspective that you can't find anywhere else.

    The fun little backdrop of San Francisco with moving parts inside the Ghirardelli shop. You know, the one with the red cars moving up and down the street, the mining carts that comes swinging out of the mine with gold, and the occasional earthquake that shakes the city's buildings. Can someone tell me why the service is so darn efficient there? I could look at that wall forever!

    Now, Monsters Inc. doesn't fit into the theme of Hollywood, but until it's replaced with a ride that does compliment the theme of the land, I think Monsters Inc. is one of the best dark rides out there. A good variety of special effects (disappearing Randal, the door scene), lots of fun little details, and a highly immersive environment. Every time I ride it, I leave with a smile on my face, wanting to experience the world of Monstropolis again. I'm glad to have it in DCA until another ride that's more suited for the theme of the land replaces it.

    Lastly, I think my favorite aspects of DCA is that it's filled to the brim with potential. It's far from a perfect park, but to me, that's exciting beyond words. Comparing the stunning beauty and artistry of Buena Vista Street to the previous tacky, lackluster entrance is a shining example of what can happen to the rest of the park. It's like seeing the first few strokes of paint on what will eventually become a masterpiece. It's electrifying.

    I cannot wait to see what unfolds next for DCA. I hope it's something spectacular.


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      Re: Let us now praise DCA.

      I've liked DCA for the last few years, and before that though it was ok, but not great like DL.

      Going with small children I found: Toy Story Midway Mania, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Flik's Fun Fair, Jumping Jelly Fish and the two swing rides to be awesome. The kids often wanted to go to DCA over DL for these things. They also liked the Pixar Parade and WoC.

      Now the kids are a little older and DCA has a lot of new parts I find it to be a great park, that stands up tall next to DL. We enjoy the full array of attractions and easily spend a lot of time in the park.

      Carsland is incredible, simply hard to compare to other Disney Lands. BVS is a great entranceway, with atmosphere provided by the trolley, musicians and preformers. The Pier is fantastic with it's mostly victorian look. There is a lot of entertainment in the park, and it's very lively.
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        Re: Let us now praise DCA.

        i think that list is great an i agree! I am sorry but hands down DCA has the best food and best Walt Statue. I have always thought DCA was great but now it's even better! And now with all the new stuff it's really hard to do both parks in one day.

        but cheers to DCA!!


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          Re: Let us now praise DCA.

          I have to say, I think DCA always was first rate when it came to amusement park food. I never thought the food was that great in Disneyland, even in Blue Bayou, which is supposed to be their prime dining location.

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            Re: Let us now praise DCA.

            DCA is definitely a great park now.
            I'm glad i was able to enjoy the park from the beginning, as the transformation is still crazy though my eyes (in a good way).

            There's actually areas where you can easily enjoy the atmosphere surrounding you now, unlike before where only Grizzly Trail was the only real nice place.


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              Re: Let us now praise DCA.

              Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
              I have to say, I think DCA always was first rate when it came to amusement park food. I never thought the food was that great in Disneyland, even in Blue Bayou, which is supposed to be their prime dining location.

              Isn't that funny how that turned out?? BB food is gross. . well to me it was. But BAM here comes DCA with their awesome food and bigger rides! Seriosuly though, the food is WAY better at DCA. The soup bowls for example, i hear lots of people tell me how the royal street veranda has the best gumbo and best soups in a bowl.. but to me it's like dog food.. DCA's PP bread bowls with the soups are awesome!! and soo fresh!!


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                Re: Let us now praise DCA.

                I like the way you think!

                No matter where you go, there you are.


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                  Re: Let us now praise DCA.

                  Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
                  I like the way you think!

                  HAHA! thanks!

                  seriously when it came to theme park food. DCA pulled up their big boy pants and took charge!


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                    Re: Let us now praise DCA.


                    DCA is a great park now!

                    I have to say it really is place I can spend all day now.

                    Me and my friends spend a lot of time there just as much as DL!


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                      Re: Let us now praise DCA.

                      reality is, people can talk smack all they want on DCA .. but it's become a better park, and oh yeah btw was just their yesterday and the right side planter near gates is now finished! it's looks so retro/vintage!!!!


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