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Best gluten free places to eat in the park?


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  • [Question] Best gluten free places to eat in the park?

    I have had a super super good experience eating gluten free while in Disneyland with my family. My mom and I are both celiac so even a little gluten makes us really sick. But disney is fantastic and there is little cross contamination if you have any kind of food intolerance.

    So far we've eaten:
    -Carthay Circle (they had the best gluten free bread!)
    -Anywhere that serves pancakes and waffles has them gluten free too.
    -Big Thunder BBQ (they take off the ribs, and the sauce on the chicken)

    Are there any other places with good gluten free options? A.k.a. somewhere that has something different other than replacing the bread. Or places in Downtown Disney?

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    Re: Best gluten free places to eat in the park?

    if you go to city hall, they actually have a list available of all the gluten free options at disneyland. here are a few i remember, though they are all simply replacing the bread:

    -at pizza port, if you ask them, they have gluten free crust available. they also have a gluten free pasta.
    -coke corner has a gluten free bun for their hotdogs.
    -club buzz has a gluten free burger bun.
    -in carsland, they have the best shakes, and if you get them without the malt balls, they're gluten free.

    i've heard the storyteller cafe in the grand california is totally accommodating and can probably give you more of the "not just bread replacing" you're wanting. you can also contact the restaurant chefs ahead of time if you want to make a fancy, pre-arranged gluten free meal; let me know if you want any of that contact info.

    this blogger, who is also gluten-free, documents everything she eats at the parks, which makes for a good, informative read: Disney Eats (mods: i don't know if this is allowed since it's an outside site. feel free to get rid of it if you need to)

    also, not as fun, i know, but, if you want to bring your own snacks in because of your allergies, you're allowed to. if somebody mentions them at bag check, just let them know of your gluten-intolerance.

    happy eating!

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      Re: Best gluten free places to eat in the park?

      I had pretty good enchiladas & carne asada at Rancho del Zocalo. At Storyteller's I had a really good club sandwich & fries for lunch and an excellent steak for dinner. They replaced the bread with the gluten free pizza crust on the sandwich so it was more like a panini. And although it's just replacing the bun, the cheeseburger & fries at Taste Pilot were excellent. I think probably because GF burgers are cooked to order rather than sitting under warming lights.

      At Storyteller's I had the Halloween mug treat this year. It was a flourless Choc cake w/mousse. Here's the thing; I was told it was GF, but when I ordered it the next day I was told it was not. I didn't react to it at all, so who knows. I just didn't want to take the chance so didn't have it the second time.

      I saw somewhere online that BB will do a GF Monte Cristo if you let them know ahead of time. I can't remember where I saw this & have never tried it, so consider it 'unconfirmed'.

      If there was one thing that I wish Disney would do, it would be to offer GF treats in their bake shops. Other than pre-packaged candy, there is really nothing for us. I was advised by no less than 3 CMs that the 'Tigger Tail' type treats are NOT GF. I'm assuming because they are dipped in a common pot (?).

      So, question re the BBQ. Basically all you get is just plain chicken, no sauce, along with beans and cole slaw?
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