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  • Trip Report Greatest Weekend in Life

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ID:	7370914Not long ago I had the Greatest Weekend In My Life.
    I already wrote about my visit to Club 33 (33 Come True)
    but there was so much more and now the rest of the story.........

    We met our host at the Disneyland Main Street Railroad Depot where our host had arrange for us to ride in the Lilly Bell. Disneyland takes great care of the Lilly Bell and it shows. It was so clean and beautiful inside. It was like something you would see in a western movie were the railroad baron would have a private car at the end of the train. It was a privilege to ride in there and quite enjoyable. I really felt like a VIP.

    Next was Club 33 - Please read my other post: 33 Come true
    (Club 33 really did deserve its own post)

    After Club 33 we were invited to a VIP Viewing of Fantastmic and wow how impress my wife and I were that we were taking to the center of the show. For those who didn't read my (33 come true) I was in a 3 piece suit and our host was also in a suit so people were looking and pointing as we were escorted to an area close to the front and it was just us three in our own little area. I can't imagine what what was going threw the people's mind that were there. My wife loves this show and was very happy.

    Our host was able to point out several details that I did not know in Disneyland which I really enjoyed. I love Disneyland and know quite a bit but was really amazed at a couple of the things - like wow how many times I have been to Disneyland and I did not see that or know that. My wife told me later that "you don't imagine how many people were looking at you two and whispering things like look Disney Executives".

    The next morning we met our host again who took us right into Disney California Adventure for early entry even thou we did not have that. He simply said they are with me and away we went and went into Cars Land where we rode the racers and got to do the flying tires for the first time and I have to admit they are a lot more fun then what I expected.

    We were invited into Disney California Adventure's Private Club 1901 and wow and wow - the inside is so nice and beautiful with pictures of Walt Disney in his younger days hung everywhere. There is a shadow of Walt Disney that walks by on one wall every so often and let me tell you how cool that is and my wife was so surprised and just loved this effect. There is a director chair with Walt's name on it and also one for his wife, Roy and his wife. For the holidays they have a Christmas tree inside that if you put on 3D glasses you will see Mickey Heads. I can't tell you how much I loved Club 33 and their Pina Colada was the best I have ever had and the attention I received was above and beyond. I was so honored to have visit such a special place.

    Our host was able to take Club 33 Card and swipe it in the Fast Pass 6 times as my jaw dropped and the passes had no time wait so we able to ride Radiator Springs Racer immediately. Our host used our fast passes too so we got 2 extra passes. So in the evening we were able to ride the racers again twice and before our last ride our host had me wait and pick out a couple.......
    As I stood there watching the people I spotted a couple that walked up and look at the stand by time and they look at each other and said we will never get to ride it and sadly turned to walk away so I caught up with them and asked them "Do you believe in the magic of Disney?" They looked at me kind of weird and I sure they were thinking this guy is crazy but they said yes and they loved Disney so I said "this is for you and I hope you enjoy the ride and May all your days be Disney days" they took the fast passes and said thank you. I went got in line with our my wife and our host and I watched the couple slowly walk up confused with a look of what just happen and are these passes even real. As they were let into the line I saw their faces change to can't believe we are going to ride it. The guy saw me in line and waved at me thank you with a big smile on his face. How cool was it for me to make some Disney Magic for that couple as our host was making for my wife and me. Our host has done this many times picking out people at random and giving them fast passes or creating other Disney Magic.

    We saw things with our host in Disney California adventure that we had never seen before and into the evening we were treated to VIP Viewing of World Of Color. What an amazing time we were having because of our host and there was more to come.

    The next day we had a Character Breakfast at the Plaza Inn on Main Street and wow it was so much fun and the food was quite good and the Characters were non stop.

    Then off to Mark Twain Steamboat where our host had arranged for us to take the journey in the Wheel House. Wow talk about being treated like a VIP. So in the wheel house we were and who do you think took over the steering - Gold Mickey of course and everyone on the boat and on shore was trying to take pictures of Gold Mickey at the steering wheel and he even got to blow the whistles.

    After this we were taking to Main Street Railroad Depot again but this time to ride up front of the train with engineers - can you believe that because I sure couldn't. He took my wife first and around the park they went, then it was my turn. Let me tell you one of my favorite pictures is of Walt Disney on the Disney Engine holding a Mickey and here I was on the engine with Gold Mickey. I was all choked up but Gold Mickey was excited and he started waving at all the people and they were waving back and going wow and then quickly trying to get their cameras out to take a picture. This was an amazing feeling for me that I never have ever felt before - I felt like Walt Disney.

    I may have felt like Walt Disney but my host was acting like Walt Disney. We found out that one of the engineers was retiring and that day was his last day so my host invited him to 1901 for a drink after work and the engineer was in shock - he had never been able to get into Club 33 or 1901 and gladly excepted. My host also told the engineer that he would make arrangements for him and his guest to dine at Club 33. So after the engineer got off we met with him and took him inside 1901 and it was amazing to see his reaction and he was so happy and grateful and couldn't believe he was there.

    Our host was amazing and we got to do so many special things. Things that were so special, impossible, fun, unbelievable, things that I never dreamed of or even imagine and I had the greatest weekend of my life. I will always be so grateful for the rest of my life and then some.

    World Famous Gold Mickey Says:
    I got to drive the Disney Train and be like Steam Boat Willie. I even got to sit in Walt Disney Chair.
    My little Mickey Heart was so Happy!
    Gold Mickey

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    Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

    Love you trip report!
    For the love of Disney....:yea:


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      Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

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      One more of Gold Mickey at the Steering Wheel......


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        Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

        I love your Gold Mickey

        Ta Da!


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          Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

          Originally posted by misterdisney View Post

          One more of Gold Mickey at the Steering Wheel......
          Adorable Nice report, sounds like an amazing weekend


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            Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

            Wonderful write-up!

            Stuffed animals do enjoy Walt's chair at the 1901 - our Pink Bunny loves it there!
            Click image for larger version

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              Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

              Wow. My eyes welled up more than a few times while reading your report! That is definitely the trip of a lifetime. I am SO happy for you, and so happy that someone like you got to have that experience. It's so nice to see someone who obviously loves and appreciates the magic of Disney able to have these experiences.

              I just can't express how happy I am for you! The way you described how much you appreciate it... It doesn't even make me jealous that I haven't done this or that (even though a lot of these things remain on my Bucket List), it just makes me plain happy for you. Hopefully that makes sense!!

              Thank you for sharing your report!! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your experience.

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                Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

                Very, very cool. That's some story.

                ...and they're right, I'd assume you were a Disney exec too.


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                  Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

                  So cool! Your sponsor is a great guy! I believe he had just as much fun doing this for you!
                  If you see a cute yellow lab puppy with a yellow cape, WAVE! It might be us! (Or it may be someone else that lurks here!) Thank you for asking before you pet! Next trip, Dec 22-Jan 3rd.


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                    Re: Greatest Weekend in Life

                    I'm so happy for you and your wife! It's nice to see someone who loves the experience as much as you do! Thank you for sharing.


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