I know about the buttons, etc. I setup a Character Dinner at 5:30 at Goofy's Kitchen. There's only going to be 4 Adults and them. I've heard that you can order a Cake to be brought there, although the data out there (none on Disney's Site other than the Personal $15 cakes). Online I see others say you can get a 10 Inch Cake (which is quite big for a 6 party, a 6 inch would be a better choice). I've also heard stories about the cakes getting into the absurd pricing levels... Disney Dining didn't seem to know anything about the cakes. (Is there somewhere else you have to call?)

Can you bring your own cake into Goofy's Kitchen? (Or can I have one purchased on-property sent there?)

So here's my question, is there somewhere else on/near property that would be good to have a cake and/or cupcake for a birthday?