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Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort


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  • [Idea] Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort

    thank you for your time... here is my idea for an Anaheim third park...

    based on Discovery... with influences from Tomorrowland/Disney Sea/Epcot and of course Discovery Land in DLP.

    this park i imagine would be based on guests being able to Discover new worlds, new experiences and the idea of Discovery..

    for the park layout, somewhat of a circular shape but with the main entrance more of a horizontal shape rather than the long vertical that is Main Street...

    id call the entrance World's Fair... a nod to the New York's World Fair, where guests are to experience the discovery of things and celebrate exploration. soo.... 1930's New York.

    the turnstiles would be made to look like Click image for larger version

Name:	administration-007.jpg
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ID:	7370945 the adminstration building from the fair... the figure of course will be made more appropriate for Disney. and more flags from other countries on the turnstiles.

    once past the turnstiles guests would see a globe figure... more like Disney Sea than Epcot.

    attractions would include a Circarama theater based on Walt Disney and his It's A Small World / NY World Fair experience.

    an omniver attraction themed to Stark Expo.

    dining: World's Food Fare (pun) dining area

    more towards the middle of the park would be a lagoon/lake area with the Statue of LIberty in the front part of the lake... a ferry attraction would be in place to get to the statue with a walk through attraction in the statue and upscale dining at the top.

    and then this sets the stage for the rest of the lands.... with the premise being the Worlds Fair invites the guests to different lands of discovery... where they are transported to discover new experiences in these lands via ferry from the docks (DDW version of the railroad) or by foot around the lake (a-la Epcot)

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    Re: Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort

    first land: GALAXIES

    from the right of NYC, guests are invited to Discover a land from a Galaxy Far Far Away... aka Star Wars Land / Avatar Land... a land where space travel is the norm... the weanie of this land being the Pandora tree towards the back right of the land. the dock resembling a dock from Naboo.

    a submarine type attraction is located near the dock with the ride themed to the Gungan City. and underwater Naboo.

    at the entrance of each area are timetravel devices / vehicles / portals. one area of the land being as previously said - Pandora / themed to Avatar. with the same rumored flying attraction as in WDW and a flume ride through Pandora with AAs of the various creatures in the planet.

    another time portal leads to Tattoine with a TestTrack like Pod Racing attraction and a Mos Eisley Cantina. Jabba's Palace - a play area like Redwood Creek Challenge or the Pirate's Lair with an interactive Jabba the Hutt AA. lol.

    another yet leads to the planet Hoth with the main attraction being Echo Base... a coaster journey through one of the planet's snowy mountain caverns on snowspeeders.


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      Re: Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort

      land in the back middle of the park: MYTHOS

      guests are to discover a land of mythology. this land with several mountains. the middle mountain being a Volcano housing the Journey through the Center of the Earth ride.

      to the right is Mt. Olympus with attractions such as a musical version of Hercules, a restaurant themed to Zeus' palace, and an original dark-ride telling the story of the Battle between the gods and the Titans where guests are on a boat that journeys through time.

      to the left is Asgard... with a dark ride telling the story of Thor (the first movie) using the tech of Transformers/Spiderman.

      the dock at the front of the land being themed to Egypt with a couple of pyramids serving as a restaurant.


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        Re: Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort

        i will post more with other lands themed to Animation and Technology... lol. it works. i will explain later.


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          Re: Disney Discovery World (DDW) - at The Disneyland Resort

          i like the worlds fair entrance

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