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Disney College Program Benefits?


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  • [Question] Disney College Program Benefits?


    I am new here, but this forum seems like a good place to ask questions!

    My awesome friend and I are going to be applying for the Disney College Program in a month or so, for Fall 2013! I am so excited! And I know that I want to do it! Unfortunately the main reason why I want to do it is because I am insanely in love with Disney... I mean I literally spend all day looking at youtube videos of rides, just remembering what it was like to be there... it is a crazy thing! And it is something that my dad can't understand So, convincing him that it is a good idea to take 4 months out of my life, put my schooling on hold, and move away for the first time ever is going to be SUPER HARD!
    I've composed a list of Pro's and Con's which I will present to him if I do in fact get accepted... but, in order for it to be successful I will need the Pro's list to be at least twice the size of the Con's.

    Is there anyone who could help me think of the many Disney College Program benefits? All the different ways it will help me? Be fun? Life changing? I already have all the generic things that are on the DCP website (it will be a great way to meet people from around the world, its good to put on my resume); sadly, my career is not going to have anything to do with Disney, business, or production. My obsession with the history and the creation of Disney (Disneyland) is all recreational. I am going to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and besides the fact that kids like Disney, I don't really see a connection.

    Thank you so much for the help!

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    Re: Disney College Program Benefits?

    Its something you might only have the chance to do when your'e still young. Other things(job, family etc) can and will get in the way and you may never do it.

    Well, that was my thinking when I joined Disney


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      Re: Disney College Program Benefits?

      Hey macjroy! Welcome to Micechat! and to answer your question, There are several videos on youtube that go into the benefits of working with Disney. The biggest benefit is probably working
      with Disney. Im also going to be applying for the fall 2013 college program! Good luck to You
      EDIT: PROS would have to be that Disney looks good on applications, You meet new people, A fun and new experience, And you really get to see what the working world is like. CONS would have to be working late hours, the pay, and thats all I can really think of...then again I have done the program...yet. Good luck!
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        Re: Disney College Program Benefits?

        Originally posted by macjroy View Post
        I am going to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and besides the fact that kids like Disney, I don't really see a connection.
        I had a friend who said the same basic thing. It wouldn't apply to her major or future career. She loved Disney and did a couple terms as a CP in Florida.

        A job is a job is a job.

        You learn discipline because you need to be responsible to your employer and customers. You learn basic job skill that you need to do everything. Working on a schedule, communication, working alongside other employees, coordinating activities...........

        Also depending on your living situation it may allow you to grow more independent if it cause your to move and live in a location away from family.
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          Re: Disney College Program Benefits?

          Hello! I've completed two programs, both at Disneyland. I did spring 2011 in Custodial Guest Services at DCA and summer 2012 in Parking. I'm still working for Disney as a representative for the program.

          My major is industrial engineering, and my career aspiration is to be an Imagineer or an industrial engineer for the Resort, so this program was great for me. At the very least, it gives you an opportunity to see what Disney is all about and to get work experience that will help you in the future.

          The pros: Networking with Disney leaders, making new friends, living on your own (if you're not doing that already), FREE park admission:yea:, discounts on food and merchandise, getting to explore a new city/state, special activities such as backstage tours, and more! I could go on an on about the opportunities you'll have. For example- how does riding Space Mountain with the lights on sound? This is one thing that is generally only offered to college program students. Regular CMs (the ones who hire in through the normal process) rarely get these opportunities!

          The cons: I'll be real honest- you're not going to get rich by doing this program, but you'll make enough to get by. Some people you encounter on your program, including other CMs, roommates, etc might not particularly like you, so you may have some challenges there. But these are disadvantages you might see in any job and in life in general.

          My list is definitely not comprehensive. But ultimately the program is what you make of it- if you take the time to get to know people and participate in the activities and take advantage of what's offered to you, you'll have an amazing time. I personally LOVED my programs, and I love what I do as a rep- my role involves getting to tell students on my campus how awesome Disney is and how great it is to work for them!

          As for your major "not being relevant," let me say this- one advantage of participating is that it may open doors for you. Disney does offer professional internships that are major specific, and a lot of them require that you do the College Program to qualify for them. Even if you don't think your major applies to Disney offhand, ask around during your program (talk to your leads, managers, and the Programs Office). You never know. The other reps on my team have all kinds of different majors, from Communications to Nursing!

          Also, as I mentioned before, the experience you take from your role at Disney can help you in the future. You'll gain skills in Guest Service, efficiency, and more through this program. Some of my friends who no longer work for Disney have told me that they are still using their Disney training in their new jobs. So that being able to tell a potential employer about your time at Disney will certainly make you stand out.

          Sorry for rambling on for so long, but I just wanted to chime in- I 100% support what the Disney College Program does and what it stands for, and I think it's a great experience for anyone to take part in. I'm passionate about this program and I really enjoy talking about it with anyone who's interested in learning more about it!

          Now I'm going to throw in a shameless plug- I have a blog where I talk about my college program experiences, and the link is in my signature. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since June- I had some problems with my laptop and never got around to posting new updates after it was fixed. Of course, if you have any questions just let me know!
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