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Anyone who was ever in the disney college program


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  • [Question] Anyone who was ever in the disney college program

    To: Anyone who was ever in the DCP

    I am a 18 year old girl from Oregon. I want to do the Disney College Program Fall 2013. After reading many reviews and hearing multiple testimonies, I am more confused than ever. So I just want straight facts.

    Kinda like a survey

    1. What year/term were you in the DCP?
    2. How long (month arrive to month end) were you there?
    3. How did you get there? Plane/Parent's Car/Personal Car? What state/country did you come from?
    4. Select one reason why you chose to do the DCP: want to have a good time, love Disney history, love Disney movies, love amusement parks, college credit, pertains to your career, or other?
    5. What was your role? What were your daily tasks? How many hours a day did you work? What was your daily work-related stress level?
    6. Would you choose a different role now?
    7. How difficult is it to get organized, trained, and work? Regarding the instruction and learning process:
    8. Was your pay: low, medium, or high on the scale of (7$-9$)? Do you think that was fair?
    9. How much money a month did you ACTUALLY have to live off of each week, after housing?
    10. What housing did you stay in? Did you like the amount of people there, and the apartment itself?
    11. After that experience, what housing would you prefer now?
    12. Pro or Con on the bus system? Explain why you chose that in one sentence:
    13. How much free time do you have each week? What were some things you did on your free time (besides the obvious)?
    14. Did you take classes? If so, which ones?
    15. Would you recommend this choice, or have done it differently?
    16. Did you get college credit, or work experience credit?
    17. How 'home-sick' were you?
    18. Mood during the course of the program: depressed, moderate, moderately happy, happy, or always happy:
    19. Absolute BEST part of the DCP:
    20. Absolute WORST part of the DCP:

    Any more comments would also be appreciated if you would like to elaborate

    From everyone who wants to know about the Disney College Program,


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    Re: Anyone who was ever in the disney college program

    Are you thinking of doing the Disneyland CP or the Walt Disney World CP?


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