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Trip Planning / AP Upgrading


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  • Trip Planning / AP Upgrading

    I have a few questions regarding the logistics of my trip.

    Even though it may be busy, I'm going on 2/17-2/18. I plan on getting an AP this year, and figure this would be a fine time.

    Since I'm getting the $149 SoCal APs (one with the extra parking), and 2/18 is a blockout date, I'm planning on buying 2 day park hoppers and then upgrading to an AP on Saturday.

    My main questions are...

    In the archives, I read that the AP line can be really busy. Most of the things I read were during the summer, so does this still apply? How long would the line typically be on a Saturday in order to upgrade? What kind of hours is it open, or where can I find them out?

    When I do upgrade to an AP, will I be able to get back into the park (or hop back between parks). It will be a blackout day, but I will have already came in with my park hoper.

    From what I read, they will subtract the $10 i pay for parking that day. Am I correct in assuming that they won't also credit me for the parking I pay on Friday?

    Does anyone have any tips for me? Or how/when should I plan to do the upgrade?

    I just want things to work out smoothly and end up with an AP. Is there anything that could end up causing me to not get the AP? Like, if the place to upgrade to an AP closes.. is there any way I can be assured that I can still upgrade?

    Any tips/stories/plans would be appreciated.


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