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    Hey guys! I was thinking of ideas for a new Disneyland somewhere, maybe in Australia? I don't have every aspect thought out, but I have some ideas that I thought I would share with you all!

    Entrance would be a traditional Main Street. There would be an island, which is Caribbean Isle and there is a massive bridge to enter it from Adventureland with a second bridge spilling out in to Fantasyland over by the Little Mermaid area. With Toontown behind Fantasyland, the Steamboat Willie ride would line the end of the water. There is not any watercraft because there are major rides on the island - plus it is accessible by bridge.

    Adventureland - less of a village feel (though the entrance area is themed to a village) and more of a jungle feel with lots of trees. There is also a savannah section which is the Lion King ride, Haunted Mansion, and Pocahontas. There is a village portion with the Stitch and Jungle Cruise rides.
    The Haunted Mansion - it would look like an imperialistic manor, with an atrium housing a garden, a dramatic staircase with a ballroom, and all of the traditional Haunted Mansion gags.
    The Legend of the Lion King - major ride of the land. Weenie of Pride Rock. This would be a ride at the level of Big Thunder, with slower-moving moments for major show sequences. Follows the film story, with there being a fast chase sequence as you race with Simba back to Pride Rock and you drop from Pride Rock after the fight with Scar (it will have the main show scene beforehand indoors with the night and fire effects). Very elaborate. E-Ticket for sure.
    Aladdin's Cave Of Wonders - walkthrough attraction with dioramas. It looks like the Cave of Wonders. Inside, you can meet Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and Jafar in a throne room of sorts.
    The Indiana Jones Expedition - epic interactive experience, like a boy's version of Enchanted Tales of Belle at WDW. You meet Indiana Jones and walk through caverns and old temples. Ends with a meet-and-greet with Indy.
    Jungle Cruise - traditional ride with original gags. Most likely the longest Jungle Cruise, since it will be basically the original Disneyland version.
    Stitch's Enchanted Tiki Room - if Tiki Room went to a luau. Stitch and Lilo AAs would be featured, as would other characters from the film and TV show, like Experiment 625, Jumba, and Pleakley. Nearby is a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant with a luau dinner show.
    Pocahontas meet and greet - this would feature Pocahontas and Meeko, as well as an interactive AA of Grandmother Willow. There might be a drum circle at night with dancers as entertainment.

    Caribbean Isle
    The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow - current attraction from DHS. After show, you can interact with Captain Jack and there will be a meet-and-great. Will likely include Isabella from POTC4 and possibly Barbossa.
    Pirates of the Caribbean - original ride mashed up with elements from proposed Shanghai version with large drop. It will stay true to the original style but still feature newer stories.
    Pirates League - pirate makeovers with a treasure hunt scene with a "real" pirate who helps the little boys and girls become real pirates! They get a little certificate and everything!

    Fantasyland - basic idea of this land is that it is more focused on the Princesses and character interaction, with there being more rides for boys in this park (see Pirates, Marvel, Star Wars). The village at the base of the castle will have the sections of Peter Pan, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. Next to Cinderella is Ariel, and behind the carousel will be Wonderland. A proposed Merida section would be to the right of Belle and Wonderland. Forbidden Mountain will loom behind everything to the right, like where Small World is at Disneyland. Not sure about placement for Small World.
    Snow White's Castle - the castle will have a wishing well and courtyard behind it, in which Snow White will sing, the Dwarves will have a little show, and there will be meet and greets. The castle will look like the one in the film, which in scale is similar to Cinderella's Castle, but is off-white and has red roofs. There would be flags, turrets, and functioning balconies. The inside of the castle would house a Bibbidi Boppity Boutique which has large windows overlooking Fantasyland.
    Carousel of Dreams - traditional carousel placed behind the castle
    Belle's Tale As Old As Time - this would be a trackless ride, at a solid D-Ticket level. The queue would feature interactive stained glass windows and talking suits of armor. You would wait in the library and enter through the castle gates. There will also be a meet-and-greet in which you can meet Belle and the Beast in her father's cottage, which will be nearby. They will be in their "day clothes" - her blue dress and his cape and pants.
    Peter Pan's Flight - traditional version, more advanced technology but still same basic idea. Possibly a Peter Pan meet-and-greet nearby with games where you can meet him and Wendy in the Lost Boys hideaway. Connected to the castle.
    it's a small world - traditional, nothing much different than the original version. No Disney characters added in. There will also be a holiday version.
    Ariel's Undersea Voyage - a revamped version of the DCA/WDW FL version, with some new scenes, such as Ariel getting legs, large Ursula, possibly Ursula becoming Vanessa and that wedding. Solid D-Ticket, bordering E-Ticket. A small aquarium and grotto will house a meet and greet. It would be themed as the docks of the Cinderella corridor, with the other side blending in with the entrance to Pirate Isle. There would still be Prince Eric's castle, or at least part of it, and the entrance to the ride would be the town buildings like in the village scene from the film. Prince Eric's ship will be docked along the water by the bridge, creating a transition in to Pirate Isle.
    Forbidden Mountain - this will be a weenie of a mountain with Maleficent's castle. Major roller coaster with elaborate show sequences of villains taking over the castle, with Prince Phillip defeating a large Dragon AA. There will be nearby cottage where you can meet Aurora and Prince Phillip. There will also be a section for a Villain meet-and-greet and a shop.
    Wonderland mini-land: Alice's Unbirthday Surprise, Mad Tea Party, Queen of Heart's Garden - this will be a mini-land, with a small dark ride, the traditional Mad Tea Party, and a topiary maze. There will also be a table service restaurant in which you can have tea with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit.
    Rapunzel's Tower - this will just house a meet-and-greet in which you can meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The Snuggly Duckling will be a counter service space.
    Cinderella corner - this will have many shops, with there being an elaborate procession in which Cinderella arrives via carriage for meet and greets. The Fairy Godmother, as well as Lady Tremaine and Stepsisters will also be on hand.
    I am currently toying with adding an area to meet and interact with Merida, like a Highland Games show or something.

    Toontown City - half of land would be like a downtown city with shops and a restaurant (the Toontown Brown Derby), and the other half would be more suburban with all of the houses and a counter service place set up like a farmer's market.
    Mickey's House - usual house, but with modern technology and interactivity. It would not feature the screening room like it does in California, but the idea would be that you meet Mickey in a large ballroom that he has.
    Minnie's House - same as Mickey's, but you meet Minnie in a cartoon garden.
    Goofy's House - probably utilizing the new Paint-and-Play thing from Tokyo depending on its success.
    Donald's House - the house would be brand new, since it would not be a boat, but would be similar to the other houses in terms of technology and style. You can meet Donald and Daisy here.
    Pluto's Dog House - looks like a little dog house, but is nice and spacious inside, with extravagant details and nice furniture - nicer than your average dog! Behind Mickey's House.
    Toontown Studios Backlot Tour - would be part of Toon City. Moderately-sized dark ride driving through parodies of popular films with Disney characters. Traditional in style, C-Ticket. Set in the downtown part.
    Steamboat Willie: The Quest for Color - D-Ticket boat ride. As queue goes on, everything is less colored, with loading area being black-and-white (clear water with black bottom would make the water look black. Your quest would be to help Mickey and Oswald get color from Pete. Until color is taken from Pete, all of ride would black-and-white. The exit area, in a separate room, would be fully colored in. Oswald meet-and-greet would be nearby. At furthest end of Toontown, lining the water of Pirate Isle.

    Marvel Land - I'm not too familiar with Marvel, but I figure that it will look like a traditional, Disneyfied metropolis. I think that it would be cool to have daily shows featuring showdowns between different Marvel heroes and villains in the streets. This land will have room for expansion down the road, with a new ride or two opening ten years or so after the park opens.
    Stark Expo - this would be more of an attraction than a ride. It would have a mix of real and fictional gadgets, as well as serve as a meet-and-greet for Iron Man as well as other Marvel characters. It would look kind of like a convention center.
    The Adventures of Amazing Spider-Man - dark ride using Kuka robot arms and probably 3D glasses. Very large E-Ticket ride. More in the style of the original comics, but with some hints inspired by the more recent Spider Man film.

    Tomorrowland - very modern, buildings having large LED screens with futuristic advertisements, moving walkways, and second-level walkways. The rides will be accessible from the first level either because you can enter there or because of elevators. The second level will also have walkways, shops, and a restaurant.
    Pandora mini-land - the entrance would be themed to the research center where the people turn in to Avatars. There would then be a portal, in which people enter Pandora. The land would probably have two rides: one based on Soarin' like how it is planned for DAK, and a spinner ride themed around some sort of flying animal. Plus, it would be all inside of a big dome, but with trees and such would give the illusion of it being outdoors.
    Star Wars mini-land - I'll be honest, I am not the most informed when it comes to Star Wars. But the main thing would be that it is like a major space craft (Millennium Falcon? Whatever the "good" one is) is docked and inside will be three rides/experiences: a Jedi training experience, Star Tours, and a restaurant themed to the Cantina. The inside will kind of be like a futuristic airport of sorts, with kiosks selling merchandise. There will also be a place to meet Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C3P0, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader.
    Space Mountain - traditional Space Mountain, basically a clone of the Anaheim version. Can't think of anything specific to add.
    Tron Lightcycles - ride with indoor and outdoor parts, on the second level on top of the other buildings. It will not be a major thrill ride, but still be a well-themed dark ride. Low D-Ticket, high C-Ticket.
    Buzz Lightyear Space Blasters - uses the technology of Midway Mania but themed with the cartoon-future style of the DL and WDW Buzz rides. It will use the video screens. Solid C-Ticket.
    House of the Future - a walkthrough attraction with modern technology that is not current, or even real, but futuristic as deemed by the Imagineers.


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