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Final Days of trip 11/9-10/2012


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  • Trip Report Final Days of trip 11/9-10/2012

    Friday, 11/9
    33,772 steps
    I am very sorry for not writing the rest of my trip report. I got bummed out because I got a lot of negative feedback because it's so long! I was just writing the type of report I like to read, albeit, without pictures. Sorry, I don't know how to do that and we don't take many pix.
    It's with renewed excitement I'm going to write the last three days. We're leaving in just 18 days for our next DLR adventure!
    Since it's been so long I'm afraid the details are fuzzy. I hope my notes can help me remember more details.
    First thing we got a Space Mountain FP. We rode the Matterhorn with nearly no wait! We went to Big Thunder Mountain (Sadly this won't happen on our next trip!) then got a FP at Roger Rabbit in toontown. We road the train to the main entrance and hopped to California Adventure. We got a FP for Tower of Terror and Screamin. I wish I'd known the RSR FP wasn't "on the clock". I guess I should have read it! We got an ice cream at Ghiradelli. They don't take Disney gift cards but they use the AP Discount. After that we rode ToT using our FP. There was rarely a line here but we used FP anyway!
    We rode the little mermaid next. I'm sorry if anyone was bothered by my singing! I was in this play in high school.
    Since we were close we walked the challenge trail so I could mark it off my to do list!
    We may have ridden Screamin after Mermaid...
    We got a new FP for Space and used the ones we had. We checked our lunch reservation for Cafe Orleans but we were early. So we walked to toontown and used our FP on ROger Rabbit.
    Then we went back to our lunch. I'm not returning here. we were cold and they seated us outside though it was windy. The French Onion soup was way too salty. The Pommes Frittes, which I've heard so much about were lame. One of the restaurants where we live has the most amazing garlic fries, way better than here. We took a cab back to the hotel because at this point I was FREEZING & grumpy!!!
    We went back in the evening but I have no idea what we did.

    Saturday, November 10
    36191 This is our anniversary!
    SS was sick most of the day so we took it slow. The park was open a long time but we did take a short afternoon rest. I have NO notes for this day but I remember some things vaguely! We went to Blue Bayou for dessert at 10 pm. Both desserts we got were so rich! I love creme brulee. They even gave us bread as I guess the waiter wasn't given the note that we just wanted dessert.We weren't hungry by the time we got here but I'm not sure why.
    I'm sure we rode our favorites today. Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, etc.
    We went to the French Market by accident, not plan & loved it. The salad is what we got. Along with some beignets. (I think it was today!)
    I remember being cold all day. We were able to sit under the heat lamps in the indoor portion of Rancho del Zocalo and it was great. I think we ate Dole Whips.
    Thanks for sticking with me and reading my trip report. I hope some of you ultra planners have gotten some great tips out of it.
    I don't know if I wrote this or not earlier but buying Disney gift cards at Target is one of the best ways to save $ on food. 5% off if you use the Target card to purchase them.

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    Re: Final Days of trip 11/9-10/2012

    My favorite Disneyland travel hints

    *use Priceline if you don't require being in walking distance
    *If you buy an AP use a 3 day or higher parkhopper first for the Magic Morning entry
    *Buy Disney gift cards at Target using a target card for 5% discount
    *Don't take much into Disneyland--keep your load light unless you have a stroller
    *Get a Dole Whip
    *Use an app like mousewait to check ride times
    *take a pedometer
    *take snacks for breakfast if your hotel doesn't include it, don't waste park time.
    *use FP! Be aware of rides that are "offline"
    *read allears menu's so everyone in your group has an idea of where they want to eat
    *Take a break midday to take a dip in the pool or just put your feet up for 1/2 hour
    *During fireworks they put a CM with a roped off area by the hat shop to get on Peter Pan as soon as the fireworks end
    *Use the 1st aid station if necessary! They have ibuprofen
    *Skip Luigi's!!
    *Get WOC dinner at Wine Country Trattoria at least once in your life for a good "seat"
    *Use Photopass & have them take pix on your camera. You're under no obligation to buy photopass pix & the service is free
    *Take a water bottle full of ice in the park with you. It'll melt through the day & you can add water at the restaurants, especially Rancho del Zocalo
    *There are heat lamps at Rancho del Zocalo!
    *We loved the French Market!


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      Re: Final Days of trip 11/9-10/2012

      I learned from your last TR, and I learned from this one! I'm sorry you had negative feedback, don't let it discourage you! I appreciate the tips and experiences you've shared! Looking forward to the TR from your next trip!! :thumbup:

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