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The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

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  • [Question] The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

    Problem or not a problem?
    another tree falling along the ROA in the same area.

    There are other areas within the park that have the same issue. It is a matter of time before they reveal themselves (we have our eyes on a tree close to Big Thunder Trail). No, the sky is not falling and I do suspect that DL is working on a solution, or at least I would hope they are.
    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

    I don't think it's too much of an issue. If anything, it is going to make Disney inspect the trees a little more closely. If they find other trees that they think have a likelihood of falling, they will most likely remove them.
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      Re: The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

      ORGOCH: Seems ta me they ain't been inspectin' them dang trees often enough! Why else is so many of 'em fallin' over all the time?

      ORWEN: I just hope Tarzan's Treehouse doesn't fall over. That one's the biggest one of all! It would just destroy so much of Adventureland if it ever fell!

      ORGOCH: Sounds like a tree went an' fell on her yer fool HEAD, sister!!! Better git yerself to a shrink real fast!!!


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        Re: The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

        I don't really have to much of a problem with it! Just put some axes and other things around it and make it look like a frontier logging operation. Of course this should never had happened in the first place, so here's hoping it will never happen again.

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          Re: The "tree issue" - Problem or Not A Problem?

          Rain always erodes soil and sometimes makes a tree fall. I'm sure Disney will get on top of this problem
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