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Holiday Trip Report with Pictures - 12-18-2012


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  • Trip Report Holiday Trip Report with Pictures - 12-18-2012

    I couldn't sleep the night before, so we wound up getting there later than expected (as usual). However, we lucked out - it rained all morning, but by the time we showed up, the skies were clear, and so were the walkways. We think the rain scared everyone away!

    Mom's new favorite attraction .

    The daytime version of the "fake hotels" picture from last trip...

    Hotels, hotels everywhere
    At least it seems that way
    Hotels, hotels everywhere
    Nor anyplace to stay

    Cars Land Christmas.

    Mom's initials are R.S. Funny, I thought they usually saved these kinds of inside tributes for Imagineers' names .

    Last time we came, Single Rider wasn't offered for RSR, FP was long gone, and standby was two-hours. This time, we waited in Single Rider for 30 minutes, tops. Santa, did you arrange that early morning rainstorm so I could get my Christmas wish of riding this ride with a reasonable wait?

    I have to say - I really liked RSR! Even though it's still very character-centric compared to the classic rides, at least they're all talking to YOU about the race YOU are going to have. The animatronics felt very lively, like they could really drive around freely in this world (esp. Mater and Sherriff). And the tire effect was cute.

    I'm sure the short wait helped, though . Also, it's nice to see a queue with full theming instead of what I call "Applebee's Theming" - after the restaurant chain - putting a bunch of pictures on a blank wall. Yeah, we rode Goofy's Sky Skool right before this. That has fine queue theming for a probably temporary, more minor attraction, but wow - what a difference!

    My friend Tomas after we rode RSR.

    Grizzly Peak, seen from Cars Land.

    Grizzly Peak catching a snowflake on his nose .

    Christmas decorations in "a bugs land". Here I am doing the Jiminy Cricket pose with my umbrella.

    Me posing with my picture of Lanny the elf (from Prep and Landing) in the Animation Academy class.

    Another one of the Carthay Circle tower. That tiny little dot is the moon.

    Then we visited Tomas' favorite attraction - cinammon rolls at the FF&P.

    A bit of an odd thing - I wanted mine cold, but the guy at the counter told me it had to be heated because it was frozen. However, Mom already had hers while we were riding tower and it wasn't heated - she even had some creamy cream cheese frosting left over to prove it. My cream cheese frosting was completely melted into a sort of American-cheese-tasting glaze. It wasn't terrible, but I just wondered what happened. Did they run out fresh ones, and had to use frozen? (Tomas, for whom the cinnamon roll is 90% of the reason for making the trip, had his heated and thought it was fine, BTW).

    Over to Disneyland, where the air was perfectly chilled to ride the Matterhorn. The wait was so short, we didn't even have to use Single Rider. (And later, BTMRR was only 5 minutes.)

    "it's a small world holiday" beckons Mom (holding the camera) - it's one of the few rides she'll go on!

    Speaking of "small world", walking past Big Thunder Ranch, I ran into the cousin of my horse Apples (left).

    Me with the new Walt pin I got for Christmas .

    (How did I wind up with a derpier expression in this pic than in the "Lanny" pic?)

    Did I mention the weather was a bit S'wintery? I almost froze opening my sweatshirt for two seconds to show my pins in the pic.

    While seeking shelter from the bitter cold in the closing River Belle Terrace we met these really nice fellow Disney fans, and we all went on Space Mountain and the Disneyland Railroad together to close out the night. They seemed to be impressed that I knew Walt's opening day speech by heart.

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    Re: Holiday Trip Report with Pictures - 12-18-2012

    Amusing TR as always!

    PS: S'wintery is my new favorite word.

    Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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