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most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos


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  • Trip Report most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

    This was the best, most magical trip yet. But it was not without it's share of bumbs. The weather was to say the least wet, most days it rained sometime during the day but that kept the crowds down. The caldle light shut down several rides while it was going on. But over all it was a great time.
    One of the most helpful things we did was to stay flexible, with a 8 month old baby with us we had to work around her sleeping times. But when she was awake it was great.

    Dec 12.
    we left early in the morning for our 7 hour drive, we arrived at the DisneyLand Hotel around 2 in the afternoon. After checking in and hauling everything to the room we went to the park. This was our first night of the trip and crowds were light.
    We checked out the lights on Small world.

    We went to the Jamborie but they were starting to cover things up because it was lightly raining.
    We rode the Mark Twain since Fantasmic was not running we were able to ride it at night, this was a rare treat for us.

    This was taken from the deck of the Mark Twain.

    We climed Tarzan's tree house, at night, also a rare treat.
    We walked over to DCA and Luigies was a walk on.

    Went to ariel's under the sea.
    Checked out the lobby of the Grand California.
    Called it a night and went to sleep.

    Dec 13.
    we rode Pinocchio's Daring Journey, The grand daughter did not like it (she is 8 months old).
    Rode Dumbo the wait was short. Maddie liked it until the ride went to the top.
    here is a photo of her with the magic feathers.

    Rode Alice in wonderland it was a short wait, Maddie liked that ride.
    Rode Small world Holiday, the Grand daughter liked it but fell asleep half way through.
    Since she was asleep a couple of us jumped on Thunder mountain.

    Front row seats very Good.

    invasion of the turtles.

    Went to Pixie hollow it had a moderate wait.

    Playing with Grandpa and his camera.
    Went to toon town and met Goofy, Maddie wanted to take the family for a spin.

    Is that a left turn?
    Rode Pooh.

    happy to go on Pooh.

    Took Maddie to see Pooh, as we got there we were told that he would be leaving in a short time, so we waited for Rabbit.
    There were some off duty cast members, I think they were there on their Christmas tickets that they got instead of a party.
    They were great, and they let us know that pooh would be back. Maddie loved the characters and they loved here. It was truly magical.

    While we were waiting we went to the store and maddie was shown a small pooh plush and she grabbed it so we ended up buying a pooh and a tigger, after all she loves to watch the pooh movies.
    While we were waiting for tigger there was someone ahead of here blocking her view of tigger so maddie leans forwar in here mother's arms and pushes the individual sideways so she could see tigger. we all got a kick out if it.

    After Tigger we saw pigglet, and then pooh. I do not have room to post half of the photos from just this encounter alone.
    This day alone made the trip worth it.

    not sure who enjoyed this more, maddie or Piglet.
    Went to see Billy Hill and the Hill Billies. We found out that they had a special guests.

    ended the day by watching fire works and the magical snow.

    Went to the hotel and Maddie was happy to be able to crawl around, a very good day.

    Dec 14.
    Used the early entry for DCA, went to RSR and it was down, so we walked on to Luigies.
    After Luigies we noticed that the cars were runing empty and people were starting to gather at the front.
    Knowing that the ride has to cycle at least once before they will let people in we waited a short time and they let us in, it was as close to a walk on as you can get with RSR, it was great.
    Rode Mater's Jamboree it was a very short wait.
    went back to the hotel and the baby had woke up.
    went back to DCA and had the photo of Maddie taken with Santa.
    Went over to Disneyland and watched Fantasmic.
    called it a night and went back to the hotel.

    Dec 15.
    Started the day with DCA, went to Buggs land, and Maddie got to meet flick, she loved him.
    Saw Chip and Dale and had a photo taken of them with Grandma and Maddie.

    Went to Dancing with Disney, Maddie had a blast she loved the dancing and the Characters.

    Crowds were now starting to get bad so we did not get to do as much.
    We got to go on most of the rides we wanted and we had one of the best trips ever, having a young child, ok a baby makes you see things in a whole new light.

    Dec 16
    Had breakfast at Jungle forest and then hopped in the car for the long trip home.

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    Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

    Wonderful pictures and commentary. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


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      Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

      Looks like you had a great time. Congratulations on being there to share Disneyland with a new generation. :yea:


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        Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

        Thank you for sharing your TR! Looks like you really lucked out with some of those walk-ons/short waits!! That always helps make the trip even more fun. :thumbup:

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          Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

          cute trip report thanks.


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            Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

            Wonderful report, thank you for sharing!

            Maddie is a little cutie puff!


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              Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

              This reminds me of the old days when my children were babies. Yes, a trip to Disneyland was a very different experience back then. Enjoy these days since they will be gone too fast.

              Thanks for sharing!

              No matter where you go, there you are.


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                Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

                Thanks for posting! It's always great to see other families having fun at such a magical place.
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                  Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

                  Proof that Theme Parks are the BEST place for Family to join together in merriment from toddler age to senior citizens (thank you so much for sharing these precious moments & may the whole Family enjoy more of these moments over the years - isn't it fun to watch children grow up via pictures & videos?)

                  all thee best in 2013 -

                  C J

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                    Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

                    Thank you all for your kind coments, and yes Disneyland is better when you get to see it throught the eyes of a child. We also enjoy it by our selves, it if fun for all ages.
                    I am glad that we got to ride Thunder Mountain before it went down for referb, I am looking forward to the day it reopens.
                    I wish all a great year.


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                      Re: most Magical trip yet, Dec 12 - 16 with photos

                      Adorable, love all the happy baby pics!!
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