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Does DCA reach capacity on NYE?

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  • [Question] Does DCA reach capacity on NYE?

    I know that DL will close its gates in the afternoon because it hits capacity, but what about DCA? Unfortunately I won't be getting into LAX until 6PM, and optimistically it'll probably be 7:30PM by the time I get to the gates. Has DCA ever closed due to overcrowding, or is that only a DL thing?

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    Re: Does DCA reach capacity on NYE?

    I would not plan on being able to get into either park. This year it's mostly different because a lot of crowds are drawn from DL to DCA which better balances them out. This doesn't simply make DCA worse as with Carsland it has a lot of new room for those crowds. It's likely both will reach capacity and arriving in the evening may mean you won't be able to get in. Try to think of a plan be and feel lucky if plan A works.
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