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Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles


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  • Trip Report Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

    I visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles the week between Christmas and New Years this past weekend. I'd like to share some photos with you all.

    We stayed at the Treasure Island (TI) that had two Starbucks!

    The Palazzo

    Winter Holiday decorations at the Palazzo

    The Wynn

    The decorations at the Wynn

    Spiral escalators at the Forum Shops

    Caesars Palace!

    Winter holiday decorations at Bellagio

    The world's largest chocolate fountain

    Crystals at City Center

    Vortex display at Crystals

    Aria Resort and Casino at City Center

    The Cosmopolitan Hotel at City Center

    A monorail runs from Bellagio to City Center to Monte Carlo

    The Venetian

    TI as seen from the Venetian

    The Rialto Bridge

    The Fashion Mall


    We visited the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum in Simi Valley that happened to be showing the "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" exhibit.

    Panoramic view of Simi Valley from The Reagan Library

    A copy of the Reagan Oval office

    A highlight for me was seeing Air Force One

    Entrance to the Disney exhibit

    A flag that once flew over Disneyland's entrance

    Mickey Mouse colectibles

    An animator's desk

    The books used to open three classic animated films

    A Maleficent cel

    A Mickey maquette

    Panoramic of Walt's office

    A mechanical bird once found in Walt's office

    The Mickey doll Walt held as he drove the train at Disneyland's Grand Opening

    The Nautilus

    Mary Poppins' costume

    The flying car from the Absent Minded Professor

    The Professor's display from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"

    A scene from "101 Dalmatians" starring Glenn Close

    Prince Edward's clothes from "Enchanted"

    Princess Giselle's dress from "Enchanted"

    The Mad Tea Hatter's table

    Iron Man and his Formula One car

    A car from Mr Toad's Wild Ride

    A pirate ship from Peter Pan's Flight

    Audioanimatronic from the Mickey Mouse Revue

    Animated maquettes

    Animated film mural

    The Liberty Bell from "National Treasure"

    A photo of the Clinton's with Donald Duck

    Busts from "The Hall of Presidents"


    I was also able to visit Disneyland

    Gardens at the Disneyland Hotel

    A sign at the Disneyland Hotel

    December 30th was quite crowded

    The Wildest ride in the Wilderness

    Haunted Mansion Holiday

    Snow White's cottage in gingerbread at the Carthay Circle

    Staircase at the Carthay Circle

    Vietnamese Twice Cooked Beef Taco - with fresh Pineapple-Mint Salsa

    The view from the Carthay Circle balcony

    Panoramic from the Carthay Circle Balcony

    Yours truly inside the Carthay Circle restaurant

    Apple salad

    Salmon and cous cous

    Rocky road brownie sundae

    Outside Radiator Springs Racers

    Radiator Springs Racers

    Artwork/foliage at Cars Land

    Neon at Cars Land

    I SO wanted to buy this!!!


    We also visited the Tournament of Roses parade floats on December 31st

    The Rose Bowl

    Amazing details


    A float still being finished

    On our last day there, we went to Santa Monica before going to the airport

    Santa Monica Pier

    The western end of Route 66

    Not quite Disneyland

    This parking lot was cool. A green light would be lit if a space was available no more hunting slowly for parking spaces.

    I hope you enjoyed my photos. Thanks for viewing them.

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    Re: Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

    Thanks for the great pictures report!

    It looks like you guys have fun visiting all these neat place.

    I always go to Vegas at least 2 times a year to gamble a bit, but the main attraction for me is eating at the buffet. I think they are known as buffet capital of the world.
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      Re: Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

      Very nice pics! Thank you for sharing them all.


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        Re: Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

        Great pics! Is it weird if I want to lay under that chocolate fountain?

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          Re: Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

          Great pix, and you have a good eye! Very cool angles.


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            Re: Photo TR of my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

            A few of my favorite places and it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for posting the pictures, too!
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