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You can't always give praise to a Cast Member


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  • Trip Report You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

    I saved this for this week, because I was so busy and didn't want to see this get buried too fast.
    So last week's New Years Eve was awesome, except for 1 fact. By evening all the "20" "13" Glow with the Show stickers were gone at DCA. I had my hat and bought 2 more expecting I could fine them somewhere. I tried the BVS shops, vendor carts, and Mermaid Shop. Nothing
    • Fast forward, a wonderful cast member that I chatted with for a bit asked how my day was going, and I said, Great, everyone is doing a great job. I'm looking forward to the show, last year I felt so bad for the show designer since he never saw it because it was fogged out.
    • She said how that was so strange and asked about the Glow with the Show section
    • I said it was cool, but I just wish I could find those stickers.
    • She said, Oh, really?
    • Yes, I tried here, here, there.
    • She replied Well will you be in the Glow section for the Midnight WoC?
    • Yes.
    • I'll see if I can find some and get them to you
    • !!!!


    So I knew I HAD TO leave a shout out at the Chamber. I told them everything I have said here, they asked if I knew the CM's name, I did (And I purposely held this fact back till now). I said it was Mary Niven. They were both laughing and confused. Laughing because they think she's great too and confused because could a guest leave a comment for the Vice President? Turns out after asking another CM, no, you can't because, and I quote, "She's always amazing"

    Eariler, I noticed her walking by and from all those YouTube videos over the past 5 years, instantly knew who she was, and wanted to say how great it's been that day. If she never asked I wouldn't have mentioned the stickers. And I truly never thought that it being such a crazy day that she would have the time to find them, and bring them back personally. AWESOME LOVE

    So Mary, if you see this, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I knew DLR was in great hands, and I'm lucky to have 1st hand experience.

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    Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

    Great story.

    Good jaab Merry :imtheone:



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      Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

      Awww. That is very cool!
      “You know, I have the strangest feeling I've seen that ship before... a long time ago, when I was very young.” ―George Darling

      It seems to me that we have a lot of story yet to tell. ― Walt Disney


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        Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

        I've had a couple of opportunities to meet Mary. She really is great- you can tell that she loves her role as VP and that she really cares about Disney California Adventure. That's so awesome that she got those stickers for you! It is a bit weird that you can't leave a compliment for her though! I guess if you really want to express gratitude you could write to her and/or to George K.
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          Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

          So nice to hear a report like this! Thank you for sharing your positive experience!

          Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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            Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

            This is a FANTASTIC story! Thanks for sharing!

            Ta Da!


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              Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

              I'd definately write a letter to the higher ups. Send it to the top person in the company so it will filter down and lots of execs will read it, and lots of bosses will learn how awesome she is, and how these little things make such a difference to the guests.

              No matter where you go, there you are.


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                Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

                That is so cool! Awesome to know someone in that position is so hands on and obviously cares so much about guest experience!
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                  Re: You can't always give praise to a Cast Member

                  Awesome story, the one store that had lots of them was gone to Hollywood.

                  i was actually surprised they ran out of the noise makers, they had piles of extra hats but no noise makers. You would have thought thought they would have order same quantities of each


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