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How Much Cabbage?

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  • [Question] How Much Cabbage?

    I am going to DL for a week next month. It will be my wife, my two kids (4 and 7) and myself. We have a 5 day hopper and will be spending 2 days outside the park. Our hotel offers a free hot breakfast, and we may pack a lunch for a few of the days. How much Cash should I bring in total?
    It is our first time to DL and thus we aren't looking to be Penny-pinchers, but do not want to break the bank too much. I have managed to save 1000 bucks and the kids have been saving their allowances, which I plan on using to get them a Disney card for a 100 bucks each to do what they please with. I am beginning to think a g note ( that's gangster slang for a 1000) will not be enough, yet I don't want to carry too much cash.
    What do y'all think?

    Thank you

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    Re: How Much Cabbage?

    If I'm reading you right, the $1000 is for dining only? Or is that for everything? Anyway if you break it down for 5 days that $200 a day or $50 per person per day. However I'm sure the kids probably eating off the kids menus which are cheaper than the adult stuff. Since you are knocking out breakfast and some lunches then you need to decide what kind of places you want to eat at when there. Some of the nicer restaurants in the resort can set you back your $50 allowance in one meal. Plus you may want snacks at times (churros, Dole whips, etc) and drinks (if you don't bring your own in.) Since I'm not sure how your family eats or what your tastes are in food so maybe this can help also. Here are a couple of sites that offer Disneyland/DCA/Resort menus and pricing.

    Disneyland Dining | Disneyland

    Disneyland Resort Menus

    Also, depending on where you are staying there are places around the resort (many within walking distance) that you can eat at outside the parks. However we just went a couple of weeks ago and found that many of the places around the park as inline with their pricing as the parks.
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      Re: How Much Cabbage?

      Seeing the title of "How much cabbage", I actually thought this was going to be a thread on the lettuce and "edible" plants around the park.

      Click image for larger version

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      And I'm still stuck on "g note"...

      But..I think 1000 might cover it. If you don't want to carry actual cash I think the Disney card idea is good. Take advantage of the free breakfast the hotel offers and fill up so you only have to get one meal while in the park. Or try somewhere just outside the park. I will always suggest Tilly's just across from Paradise Pier Hotel. Great family restaurant.

      Ta Da!


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        Re: How Much Cabbage?

        Disney accepts cards lol. $1000 is A LOT of cash to bring, a lot that can easily be lost. Maybe shorten that down to $250 cash and bring your debit card. Canadian cards work here just fine. If you're worried about it, just buy a re-load able debit card or visa gift card etc. to put the rest of the money on.

        And if you want to enjoy all that you can enjoy then maybe $1500? Just plan out your week so that by the end of it you're not totally broke. Like only $xyz for this day and this much money for this day and when that day's funds are gone... they are gone. And you have to wait till tomorrow for that fun snack you wanted.

        ps- be careful... churros will make that cash dwindle down so fast! you can never have enough!


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          Re: How Much Cabbage?

          last time I was there was for a week. I only brought about $150 in actual cash. I spent probably almost a $1K, but I used my visa everywhere that took it.
          Just sayin'


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            Re: How Much Cabbage?

            I'd plan out a sample days' worth of spending, and see how much that adds up to. Splitting an entree can help reduce your cost, if you and your honey can agree on having the same thing, and having water instead of soda keeps costs down a tad.

            Gift cards will help reduce how much cash you need to carry, or you can leave the bulk of it in your hotel room or the hotel safe, and just take what you'll need for that day.
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              Re: How Much Cabbage?

              (Warning: Long Post!)

              Dustinius: While gift cards and debit/credit cards are all a good idea, there ARE some places in the park that are cash only! These would be some of the Glo-Carts (for various Glow needs later in the evenings as souviners) and some of the snack carts and the hot chocolate carts. Most places I think take Gift Cards and those same places would take Debit/Credit cards. But definitely keep some cash around for those cash only carts (they're rare, but they're there! I've had to go to an ATM a few times because of this)! I've only used the Gift Card at Storyteller's once so I could get thier Breakfast Buffet that also has All-You-Can-Eat-Cold-Smoked-Salmon (with a dill crust and without, with an optional dill cream dip sauce) but any other time, I put it to my AP renewal.

              If you can spare some extra dollars and put it towards a souviner, go to either City Hall in Disneyland or Chamber of Commerce in Disney California Adventure and get some Disney Dollars! They come in different denominations and can either be a take-home memento or you can use them as currency within the two Parks. (I'm not 100% sure if Downtown Disney will take them)

              Plaza Inn has a HUGE plate of food for their lunch and dinner. 3 pieces of fried (or if you ask nicely, baked) chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and a biscuit for like $15 a person. Best bang for your buck in my opinion.

              Riverbelle Terrace is another good value. Sandwich (Turkey, roast beef, or veggie) + cold side (lentil salad, fruit salad, cole slaw - comes as part of the deal) + 22 oz fountain drink (regular size) + another sandwich + cold side + 32 oz fountain drink (large) = $32.50 or so (with Premium AP discount, it is $29.32) Not bad for two people. (We don't have kids, so it's just us two adults)

              Downtown Disney has Earl of Sandwich - hot sandwiches for $6.99, hot soup for $2.99! Can't beat that deal! And it's just a short hop on the Monorail from Tomorrowland Station! The other Downtown Disney restaurants can be pricey, as can Blue Bayou and Napa Rose and other Hotel restaurants inside the actual hotels. A hidden gem is Tangaroa Terrace, in the middle of the three towers of the Disneyland Hotel and just behind Trader Sam's Bar. The Terrace serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For lunch, I like thier Teryiaki Burger. But for dinner, go after 5pm and they have Teryiaki Steak. SOOOO good!!!

              Fruits for snacks (bag of grapes; pickle; slice of watermelon; etc) will run you about $3-4 each, depending on what you get. Tropical Imports in Adventureland has Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce for about $5.

              If the kids are into Characters, those meals are pricey, but in my opinion a good way to get quite a number of Characters, but you are looking at like a 2 hour meal. Characters vary by location and day. They're at Ariel's Grotto (Princesses, Breakfast I'm not sure, but they should be there for Lunch and Dinner), Minnie and Friends Breakfast (Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Hook, Chip, Dale, Goofy, etc), Chip & Dale & Friends Breakfast (not as many, just Chip, Dale, Meeko, Koda, Kenai [the latter from Brother Bear], but there is a "Storyteller Guide" that encourages kids to get up every once in a while and they'll do things like "Following the Leader" or "Skip To My Lou"), Goofy's Kitchen (Lunch and Dinner), and Mickey's Surf's Up Breakfast (we came at the end, so we only saw Mickey, Goofy, Stitch and Daisy). It took my friends and I 2-3 hours to eat because of all of the Characters at Goofy's Kitchen!!

              Here is a Tip to better enjoy the Park with items purchased in the Parks: There are a few stores that will actually hold your purchase from there through the day! I THINK they're listed inside the Park Maps. The Emporium is one (unless it's changed) and so is the News Stand just inside the Disneyland Park entrance. You can ask either City Hall or the Information Booth at the Hub (Adventureland Side) for Disneyland or Chamber of Commerce or the Information Booth across the street from Carthay Circle and Practical, Pfiefer and Fiddler Cafe in Disney California Adventure. And be sure to stop at one of those four locations anyhow and get your "1st Visit" buttons! Just make sure to pick up your purchases by the time that the store closes!!

              Anyhow, enough rambling. I didn't mean to possibly go off-topic or ramble on. Just giving my two cents. I hope this has helped to some degree!!