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Any Tips, Tricks, or General Advice for a Disneylander's First Trip to WDW?


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  • [Question] Any Tips, Tricks, or General Advice for a Disneylander's First Trip to WDW?

    Okay, now before anyone says anything, yes I already made a thread in the WDW MiceChat Forums. Now I know that pressing question in everyone's mind. "Why are you making two threads with the exact same intention? Especially since the other thread is in the correct forum?" Here's why. While I already asked a lot of WDW Forum Users the same question; which in turn gave me a lot of good tips, tricks, and advice that I will be using on my trip, I come here to see if anyone has been in my shoes. What I mean by that is that I am asking for any tips, tricks, or general advice from any Disneylander's trips to WDW. You know, I am looking for people like me that have some of the same experiences or knowledge based in Disneyland Territory and have done trips to WDW. Who knows? Maybe the answers will be similar. Maybe they'll be different. I'll find out In this thread soon enough.

    If an admin feel like there is no need for such a thread, feel free to say so.

    All the questions I have are in the other thread. But in case anyone needs them right here and now, I'll paste them here.

    Hello there. I'm Bongo. I am an Annual Passholder at Disneyland Resort and I go almost every other Saturday (Which equates to two trips per month). I am used the smallness and homely-ness of the Disneyland Resort (By that I mean I have some friend Cast Members and I know the rides and park inside out) and I know a lot of tips and tricks on how to maximize my day at both parks in one day, being able to ride as many rides and eat at all restaurants that I please. This summer of 2013, my family is planning on traveling to WDW Resort, which is basically a whole new world for me. I've read some things here and there but not enough to get a big picture on what's going on in the parks and how to get the most out of my day whilst still enjoy myself and not over stressing myself. So does anyone have a few tips for me? Possibly even discuss things in the park? Also note that this thread is being done on the fly. Not all the information needed from me may be posted in this first topic post (Such as my family still deciding on a hotel, whether we want a dining plan or not, what parks we should hit in what day) so if you want/need to know something from me because I didn't bring it up in the initial post, ask and I will try my best to get the answer to it.

    I started this in hopes that I will leave a fantastic first impression of the park. All this recent news (Malestorm and Carousel of Progress needed a lot of TLC, Expedition Everest's yeti not moving, New Fantasyland and Test Track, etc.) is making my head spin and I'd just like some help pointing myself in a good direction. Plus with prices being extremely high, even when looking at the cheapest range, I want to get the most bang for my buck, or as the saying goes.

    PS: I'm not asking for this specifically, but if someone could give a list of miscellaneous tips and such like here and here, that would be helpful.

    And for future use, for anyone that does help me out here, thanks. You've been a really big help indeed.

    this chart my skin tone is somewhere between Bronze and Deep Bronze while the rest of my family and friends range between Golden Bronze and Light Neutral (Depending on race). I have been able to go to Disneyland in the summer just wearing nothing more than my regular walking sneakers, short sleeved Doctor Who cotton T-Shirt (A signature shirt I wear to the park so friends can recognize me from a glance), no hat and no sun screen, and I come home fine and dandy with no sun burns of any sort. Should I still wear sun screen? Because sun screen of any kind makes me feel very uncomfortable. Heck, oils and lotions on my skin make me feel uncomfortable (The only times they feel fine are when I am in a shower because I know they can just wash right off)

    Thanks for the tips guys. Really appreciate it that you are taking the time to help me out here.
    - I don't plan on planning out my entire day right down to the second. I am just doing a very vauge plan I can follow in my mind. I'll do what I normally do at Disneyland; do things on a whim.
    - We will be taking a bus from the airport to the park. From there I plan on using the transportation provided by WDW. I will use the monorail station at EPCOT for transport to the Magic Kingdom and back again. I've heard The Swan should be within walking distance of both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The only times I'll need to use the bus system is when traveling to the Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. I will also be taking a shuttle to Universal Studios Orlando. I'll also be sure to allow an hour of traveling between point A to B on the Disney property. We don't plan on renting out a car or anything.
    - I'll be sure to wear sun screen (Eugh) while visiting WDW. I will try out different sun screens at the Disneyland Resort to find one I am most comfortable with.
    - Nope, sorry PBandJ, my family and I will spend an entire day in the park. We won't leave in the middle to head back to the hotel. However, I will still take your advice and do what I do here in California. Since shaded seating space is normally fought over, especially in the hot seasons, I just like to hitch a ride on the Railroad and rise around until content. No matter how hot the day and which direction the sun is shining, the cool breeze that comes through the huge open areas of the cars feel pleasant. Plus, there is no law as to how long one can stay on the train (Until closing time of course). So I could just grab a drink and just ride my cares away. And once I'm done, the stations are usually located in areas I needed to go anyways. I will also pace myself to keep from wearing out and becoming sore the next morning (Something that happens whenever I go to Disneyland myself)
    - I am sticking to my guns about the items policy. If it can't fit in my pockets or around my wrist or neck, don't bring it. I'll just bring my phone, wallet, and iPod in my pockets (In sandwich bags as usual). Aroung my wrist I always carry a watch (I'll have to remember to readjust it to EST and back to PST when traveling back and forth). Speaking of which, I hope I can find a PC, or at least somewhere that has WiFi (If the hotel has complimentary WiFi). I will have to check the exact time in Orlando, because here in California, I set my watch to the exact second so I don't miss anything.
    - About the above, I may consider a small bag to carry things, such as a water bottle or spare clothing (Mostly socks) and what not. Store it in a locker then if I need it I'll just go get it.

    Okay. My folks worked out a sort of basic plan of what to do. First off, my father is not coming, so it just makes just me and my mother. We are staying at the Swan and Dolphin. Our entire time spent in Florida will span from Saturday, June 15 to Monday, June 24.

    June 15 - We will arrive in Floriday about mid day and check into the Swan a little later. I don't really mind staying at the Swan. Plus, it was a cheaper option when compared to the other hotels, but at the same time I'll lose some perks. But like I said, I am totally fine with it. From there I am not sure if I should hit the parks because I will have less than half a day to, spend my time in Downtown Disney, or just explore the hotel's grounds.
    June 16 - All day spent in the Magic Kingdom
    June 17 - All day spent in EPCOT
    June 18 - All day spent in Hollywood Studios
    June 19 - All day spent in Animal Kingdom
    June 20 - I will take a shuttle to Universal Studios Orlando and spend my entire day at the park.
    June 21 - Another possible trip to Universal Studios or another Disney park. Do you think 1 day is enough to explore all of Universal, or are two days needed? Or should I spend this day at another Disney park? I mean when we were purchasing tickets for the trip, they only offered a 2 day experience at Universal even though I just wanted to spend 1 day, but the tickets weren't much so I could just forgo those.
    June 22 - Entire day spent at a Disney park. Going to decide at that time.
    June 23 - Entire day spent at a Disney park. Going to decide at that time.
    June 24 - Leaving Florida half way into the day. Unsure if I should spend my time in a park during that time or not.

    My mother wants to come with me into the parks from the 16th to the 19th. From there she said she'll find things to do, leaving me alone to do whatever I please within the parks, which means I will be able to take advantage of the Single Riders Program and have command over any actions of spontinuity, which I am used to doing in the Disneyland Resort.

    In General:
    - The Disney Premier Annuas Passport...what are the perks? Like, I looked on the website, but it doesn't show the exact numbers. For example, on Disney's website, when I bought my Deluxe Annual Passport, it stated percentages of discount; 10% for both dining and merchandise. For the Premium Annual Passport, I get a 15% discount on dining and 20% on merchandise. Are the rates the same when compared to Premium Annual Passports at Disneyland or are they different?
    - Do I have to make the reservations in advance or can I do it in the park? In Disneyland Resort, if I wanted to eat at Cafe Orleans for dinner (Which I normally do. It's either Cafe Orleans or Carnation Cafe for dinner whenever I go) I can go there during the day and make a reservation. Then I just have to arrive at the same time and state my name. They will then match it up with the time and name stated and then I will be taken to my seat. Is it the same in WDW, or do I have to make reservations online?
    - For any regular members of WDW, can you give me a basic run down of how crowded the parks would be mid June? What about an average queue length/wait time? I ask because in MiceChat's articles on Disneyland saying that the park was really crowded and then showing a picture of a bottleneck happening, it actually doesn't seem that crowded to me. Must be because I am used to Disneyland's crowds. So can someone give me crowd numbers and queue wait times?
    - How long does it rain in Florida? I know it's just short bursts, but I would like to know. And possibly how frequent as well. I have no jackets or coats designed for rain, and the only jacket I have is made for cold dry weather, which means the soft material usually just sucks up any water.
    - How much are lockers? In Disneyland, small lockers are $7 and are the ones I always get since I have no use for bigger ones.
    - Are there any little magical or special things I can do? Like in the Disneyland Resort, Buena Vista Street has newspapers you can pick up, read, and take home (I actually own all volumes so far actually), and Main Street USA has many interactive gadgets, like the penny operated machines at the Penny Arcade, telephone lines you can listen into at the Market House, and the Main Street Cinema that provies air conditioned viewing of old Walt Disney cartoons. Are there things like that anywhere in WDW I can go and see? Little things that when added up can make a trip more special. Little things that most park goers would usually just pass on by without giving a second though to.
    - How bad are the parks? Like in all serious-no-joking-around type. Are the parks as a whole in such bad shape that people need to say that it not only ruins one's day but also decreases the value of a spent ticket at a park?
    - What do you think the recommended base spending numbers should be when visiting each park? It's like when someone goes to a casino they place down a numbers of dollars they stop spending then just leave. For me, I spend $50 - $80 per visit on food (Because I always like to eat at sit down restaurants and what not)
    - (This goes to ALL the WDW parks) Which rides, shows, attractions, and eateries are a hit and miss? Like for example, in Hollywood Studios, the Hollywood Tower Hotel is definitively a hit while the American Idol Experience can constitute as a miss to some (Including me). Another example from me is the Village Haus eatery in the Disneyland Resort. It's a miss in my eyes so you might want to avoid it.

    Magic Kingdom:
    - Does the Disneyland Railroad offer any special offers? (Besides that tour you can take of the roundhouse) In Disneyland the Disneyland Railroad offers both Tender Rides (Where one can ride on a specially designed tender for quests to sit in) and trips on the Lilly Belle (Have to reserve a spot early in the day). Or does the Magic Kingdom Railroad just serve it's purpose as a railroad?
    - Are there any major bottlenecks in the park besides Main Street USA? Disneyland has a lot of bottlenecks due to the small and tight space. Major kudos to Adventureland and the area in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, for they are really big bottlenecks due to being the location/passageways of 3 of the most major attractions in the park: Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain.
    - Are there really no single rider attractions located in the Magic Kingdom? Disneyland has 3 attractions that feature Single Riders (Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, and the Matterhorn). True, there are Fast Passes, but at least Single Riders never runs out and is always taken (Which has allowed me to ride the Matterhorn multiple times)
    - Are there any recommended rides I grab Fast Passes for early in the day? Like, from a descending order from greatest to least attractions I need to get fast passes for.
    - Does the Flag Retreat ceremony always begin at 5 PM or is it when the sun starts to set, which depends from day to day?
    - In California, one can ask for a ride in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain Riverboat. Do they offer the same thing on the Rivers of America, or can one only ride along on the bottom sections only?
    - Since Fantasmic is hosted in a different park, do the Rivers of America stay open until closing? or do they close before hand?
    - Is the steam boat the only mode of transportation on the river? Like how in Disneyland there is the Sailing Ship Columbia.
    - I didn't look into it yet, but is Tom Sawyer's Island still Tom Sawyer's Island? Or has it been turned over to Pirates yet?

    - Is it reccomended to try out every of the themed pavilion's food? If so, do you think anyone can give a rough estimate as to how much one may spend?
    - Does Soarin' really grant to Single Riders? In fact, is it just the same show they sport down here in California?
    - I've heard people say one should go single riders or fast pass on the Test Track due to that interactivity thingy in the queue. Is it really worth the wait or not?
    - How intense is Mission: SPACE? The roughest and most exhilarating ride I have ridden in my so far has been The Mummy in Universal Studios Hollywood or the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney's California Adventure, and that isn't quite intense actually. I haven't even ridden California Screamin in DCA yet. I've been sort of a wuss to anything too intense, so I am just wondering how rough the ride will be on one's body.

    Hollywood Studios:
    - Your opinions on the Studio Backlot Tour? After multiple times riding the one in Universal Studios Hollywood, I am not sure how this one may hold up.

    Animal Kingdom:
    - Is Rafiki's Planet Watch really only accessible by that Express Train?

    I would ask more questions about the latter two parks, but they seem pretty straight foward to me (Plus any questions I had were asked in the above). Once again, thanks for taking the time to help me out here guys! Really greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    PS: If you already posted in the WDW thread, you don't have to post here unless you want to.

    Thanks guys. Really appreciated.

    Total Tender Rides: 20
    Total Lilly Belle Rides: 9
    Total Dapper Days Attended: 2
    Total Mark Twain Wheelhouse Rides: 5

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