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  • Space Mountain Vehicle Pics

    I posted on here last week that I recently broke down and purchased a Space Mountain Vehicle from the Disney auction site. I have posted a few pictures at for anyone interested in seeing them. I will gladly post more if anyone is interested.

    I've had the vehicle now for about a week and a half. My cleaning efforts have paid off as the seats and head rests now look alot better. The two major problems are many of the foam pads in the head rests are cracked, I'm not sure how to restore them completely, and the tail section has deteriorated due to adhesive that was on some sort of tape that they used to cover the vehicle. Getting the tape off is very slow.

    I have a couple of requests. First, I really need a good picture of how the back of the vehicle looked when it was in use. The soft rubber exhaust area is just limp and I would like to see how it really looked.

    Second, if anyone has any pictures that show rocket 14, I have the rear section, I'd love to get a copy. I can guarantee that picture will have an honored place next to the vehicle.

    Finally, I'm willing to pay for good on-ride video. I've downloaded one fairly nice one, but I'd be interested in others.

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    I did not see you post from last week so maybe you answered this but ...

    Since you asked for an on-ride video, do you plan on making a mini ride out of it?

    What exactly do you plan to do with the vehicle?


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      Yes, I hope to make as close to a ride experience out of it as I can. It has to live in the garage for the forseeable future as it weighs 700 lbs and is over 9 feet long.

      I want to get the speakers working, a video in place, and figure out if I can add any sort of motion. Again though, at 700 lbs, motion won't be easy.


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        i want a Space Mountain de la Terre a la Lune Train Carriage from Disneyland Paris in my Garage too .
        HKDL : Done !!!


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          man if I had money like you o_o

          anywho I think has some video's of space

          not sure if does or not o_o and has some video's of TDL's Space Mountain (pretty much the same thing as ours)

          you realize of course that the ride doesn't videotape well at all
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            Ok LOL

            Does your wife know you bought this??
            Yes, it is fast....

            No, you can't drive IT.

            Drive it like it's stolen.


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              Yes, my wife knows , actually one major reason I got it was her encouragement. She knew that it was something I really wanted. The money wasn't a slam dunk, I had to work that a little, but it's worth it.

              Thanks for the tips on the videos. I have the mouseinfo one and I've seen what visionsfantastic has. I didn't know about remainseated. I know it is going to be hard to get anything really good, that's the nature of the attraction.


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                wow- thanks for posting there are some AWESOME videos on there- I feel like I am at the park!
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                  You are sooo lucky!
                  I almost convinced my parents to get a POTC boat once.


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                    I've got wheels from Matterhorn Bobsleds, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Gadget's Go-Coaster - but no ride vehicles (yet)
                    See more of my horrible photos (and a few good ones) at my Flickr photostream


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                      Ok dude you win obssesed disney fan of the week

                      Thats really cool what i wouldnt give for a peter pan ship.

                      Rock on \m/
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                        you should put a motor in it and drive it around like a car. lol


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                          I'm pretty excited, I just found a picture of my vehicle in use, rear rocket #14.



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                            You are ubsessed with a space mountain car? COOL!!! Want to here a story? Well, my brother said he puked (we were kids me 12 and him 8 in 1978) there was puke on his face a little at the end, but what was most sickning, about the time he said he puke (slightly after) the people behind us were freaking out!!!


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                              they are cool!!!


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                                Wow that's great that you found a pix of #14! What a fluke!


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