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Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?


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  • [Question] Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

    Hi (:
    So my mum and I are planning to visit Disneyland/DCA all the way from Qld, Australia, twice this year - for 2 weeks in April, and for 2-3 weeks in December-January(2014).

    Last year over early December we used 5-day park hopper tickets. We didn't want to leave by the end, and realised it wasn't enough time there. So, we're coming back. Now, we can get those same tickets at $240 per person both times we visit ($480pp), but we're not sure if we want that.

    We also know the Deluxe annual passes are $469pp,which ends up cheaper. As we are staying in Anaheim the full duration of both our visits, this means we could go every day that we are there, for just a morning or just an afternoon etc (obviously excluding Saturdays and Holidays, the blockout days).

    We're leaning towards this option for that reason, as well as the fact that me being 16y/o and addicted to theme parks AND disney, I tend to rush around the parks, going from ride to ride all day and night and have the energy to do so. My mum however, is 58y/o, and suffers from diabetes and sleep apnia (always tired because of lack of proper sleep), as well as arthritis. A lot of the time she needs to sit down, or would like to just stay at the hotel or walk around a shopping centre, while I run around the park. This is what we did when we had annual passes at popular theme parks near home (Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, not internationally known but it's our DL equivalent).

    So, we like the idea of the passes. The only thing is, everwhere we've read about 'the best pass for you' say if you're visiting once or twice to look for seasonal ticket deals, and only go for annual passes if you live nearby or visit 3 or more times a year.

    Basically, I'm looking for some input as to what the better option is. I mean, the AP is cheaper than two 5 day passes, and we'll be wanting to go like 10+ days on each visit, and you get discounts. But we're confused by the '3 trips or more if you want an AP' thing we keep hearing.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

    Hi, I can see you how it might be a bit confusing. Keep in mind, that when people say the AP is not worth it unless you visit more than 2 a year, it is because the typical visit is only 2-4 days at time. Your visit is way outside the norm duration wise. Therefore when you look at the actual number of days you plan to attend it makes sense for you to purchase an AP. Always look at the number of days are attending and make your decision based on that number, not how many trips you are making. However, be aware that in Dec-Jan many days are blocked out for a Deluxe AP. You must factor that in in your decision, you may find a Premium AP is a better option for you.
    Have fun either way.


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      Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

      Definitely purchase the Annual Pass.

      I usually only visit Disneyland for 5 or 6 days at a time, but when my up and coming trip turned into a 10 day event, due to Mice/AGe's 10th Anniversary celebration, I immediately knew that I would be purchasing a Deluxe Annual Pass. I am also returning in October for a Monday to Friday trip. That's about 14, 15 days total, and that brings my cost per day way down to about $35. Can't beat that. I have checked the calendar, and none of my days are blackout days.

      Have a wonderful time at Disneyland, and definitely don't spend more money on your admission than you have to,


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        Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

        It sounds to me that you would certainly be better off with an annual pass. I think when people make remarks about three trips or more they are expecting that you will be visiting Disneyland for fewer days each trip than what you are planning. They probably think you plan to go for 2 or 3 days per trip. Not only will the annual pass give you the leisure to spread your time at the parks out over more days, it will also give you discounts on meals and merchandise and a sense of freedom and peace about your time in the parks. And it's cheaper! I don't know of any reason to go with day passes over an annual pass.

        Have a wonderful visit!


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          Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

          Regarding your situation I would go ahead and do the AP.
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            Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

            You are coming for 2 long periods.

            If you are in Anahiem for most of the long period, going days around the blockouts will work well except in December, you may want two tickets in this case, including a 14 day Aussie ticket.

            If you will be in Anaheim but other areas, you can probably make due with a Delux AP and work around the blockouts.

            Don't forget that a AP will also give you hotel discounts onsite and at a handful of offsite locations.

            You may also want to consider a SoCal CityPass if you are visiting Universal(major remodeling happening there), or SeaWorld. If you are going to these other parks you can upgrade this CityPass to a longer visit DLR ticket, or AP and will save money.
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              Re: Best Disneyland Ticket/Pass for me?

              I would opt for the AP too. I would not get the Deluxe though, because there will be block out dates that correspond with your travel dates. Saturdays in April are blocked for Deluxe, as well as the last two weeks of December. You will get more out of the Premium...especially if you find you want to go everyday.
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