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What are some things to look for in line


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  • [Question] What are some things to look for in line

    im going to disneyland this weekend and was looking for things to look for while waiting in line. Im not asking for hidden Mickey's, i was thinking more along the line of the eeyore sign in Idiana Jones

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    Re: What are some things to look for in line

    The John Hench tribute in Space Mountain.

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      Re: What are some things to look for in line

      In the line for Tower of Terror there are a LOT of goodies that are callbacks to the old Twilight Zone TV show, including the chalk portal from Little Girl Lost and the camera from Most Unusual Camera.
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        Re: What are some things to look for in line

        My favorite piece is huge and easy to spot, but the truck in the queue for Indy is the original truck used in Raiders of the Lost Ark... If you look at the front bumper area, you can see golf balls that were attached for the stunt actors to use as grips/handholds if they needed them.
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          Re: What are some things to look for in line

          I like reading the tombstones in the Haunted Mansion queue


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            Re: What are some things to look for in line

            When in line at Peter Pan look across the plaza at the window over the Snow White attraction. When in line for Snow White, try to grab the apple on the statue.

            At Star Tours, there are lots of old ST things and Star Wars things to look for, pay attention to the details.

            In Indy, once inside, grab the colomns of bamboo and pull the rope that the sign says not to.

            At HM read the headstones.

            At Small World try to hit it on the quarter hour marks and watch the clock. And watch if a train is coming by.

            Of course with most queues, there are lots of things to read, some about the attractions, some just punny.
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              Re: What are some things to look for in line

              The cracks in the ground

              I just like to lean somewhere and listen to the background music. Especially in Adventureland and the Tower of Terror. it's nice to hear those classic 30's oldies playing to a modern audience.

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                Re: What are some things to look for in line

                i like looking for wall-e in the baggage check on ST


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                  Re: What are some things to look for in line

                  Another one: the bookshelf in Toad Hall, right behind the CM who is loading the cars, is hilarious. Lots of twists on old classics there.
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                    Re: What are some things to look for in line

                    Lots of neat little details in the Jungle Cruise line, especially if it runs upstairs

                    Some gags and jokes in the Roger Rabbit line too, including cameo's from the movie's characters

                    You could also just people watch,

                    my favorites are
                    Grandparent who is more excited than their child
                    Over tired child who needs a nap
                    Mother who didn't want a child on her smart phone

                    and my all time favorite

                    Child who is the perfect mix of tired, excited, and full of sugary foods about to blow :yuck:

                    Have fun


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                      Re: What are some things to look for in line

                      I like to pick out the weirdos in the crowd.
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                        Re: What are some things to look for in line

                        What not to name...there are entire sits related to this topic.
                        ToT the books in the Library are clasic names
                        Upstairs Junngle Curise WDW refference (check maps before)
                        Tomorrowland listten to the music from the Observatron (Classic Disney Music like There is a great big beautiful tomorrow, and now is the time, and toy story)
                        Finding Nemo like up above the loading area, pipe says Flow and TL59 which is two storys: TL59 attraction opening date and the arrow with Flow in it is talking about how after the reconstruction of the attraction when they were going to refill the lagoon the intake volve was blocked so TL flooded When the speal mentions sea serpents or mermaids see if you can see them outside the sub
                        Enchanted Tiki Room all the Tiki gods were carved out of spoons by Rolly Crump from WED caff.(thanks Comunicore Weekly) Also don't forget the tiny restrooms that are in the que area.
                        The King Trition outside Little Mermaid ride is from its original fountain area in DL (now Pixie Hallow)
                        In Fantasyland look in the window about Snow Whites and see the evil queen
                        Looking at the carrousel those are all hand painted horses and look over at Casy Jr, those benches are from the original carrousel.
                        Take you time going through the ques in Toontown. Roger Rabit has a lot of details as well Mickey's house.
                        On Autopia look in the park area and see the middget autopia car
                        Space Mountain look at the ship in the main hanger see the DL05 meaning the remoldel in 2005
                        In Indy look for his office and see the Mickey Mouse Maggizen and before in the projector room if the CM has a flashlight ask them to point out Eeyore
                        Look for the Lafitte’s Anchor in Frontierland
                        Looks for the Well's Expidition on the Mattherhorn
                        In Innoventions Check out the wall around the Asimo show it got some great history on it.
                        As you leave the big room on Pooh turn around and a piece of histoy on the wall behind you
                        On its a small world! look for Charle Brown
                        On pirates look after the jail seen on the left wall at the armor and see a hidden friend
                        The que of Luggis has alot of details in carsland
                        Outside of Soarin' look at the clook for the time the sound barrier was broken.
                        On Muppets look for Two Sweetim's at the same time.
                        Do something funny at the end of Monsters Inc and listen to Ross
                        In side turtle talk when Crush say "You so total rock" say back "Dude" and if you get to ask him a question ask something about Doorey.
                        Listen for Kevin from Up on the Redwood Creek Chalenge Trail
                        What else...
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                          Re: What are some things to look for in line

                          Not actually in line, but look at the lamp in the window of the firestation on mainstreet, and give Uncle Walt a little remember.

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                            Re: What are some things to look for in line

                            Also walking down Main Street and reading the tributes in the windows to people important to Walt and Disneyland. You can also do this riding the Omnibus.

                            Look for the original ticket booths, like at Alice and Storybook Land. Look for the Skyway Chalet while at Casey Jr.
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                              Re: What are some things to look for in line

                              While in Mickey's House, look for the hidden Donald Duck on the piano.


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