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Disney College Program Dance Audition Question


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  • [Question] Disney College Program Dance Audition Question


    I am interested in applying/ auditioning for the DCP entertainment. I have a dance coach who is going to help me brush up on my technique but we were wondering if anyone could help me and let me know what techniques I need for the dance aspect of the audition?


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    Re: Disney College Program Dance Audition Question

    I've been to two CP auditions, but it's been a year. The dances I learned had a lot of jazz squares, pivot turns, single (or double, if you can) pirouettes, scissor steps (hop cross, hop out, arms in jazz hands down on cross up on out), kicks to a roll or kick to a turn, three step turns, etc. I would recommend focusing on jazz and hip hop styles of dance, while touching on ballet techniques. The dances start off slowly but then they start cramming in steps super fast that are easy but because they're fast it's hard to get them all in. Work on keeping your composure, making faces, and really popping what you know you can do and make something up for the parts you don't. The idea is not to get it all but to have fun with the part you did get.


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