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Visiting Disneyland April 23-26


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  • [Question] Visiting Disneyland April 23-26

    I haven't seen this posted yet, but I apologize if this question is duplicative:

    My bf and I are going to Disneyland this April (my fourth time, his second - I got him addicted when I took him for his first visit last February ). The lines, for the most part, were pretty short but we wanted to go a little later in the year for our 2nd trip, so we booked it for late April.

    We have planned to go to Disneyland on April 23-26 (leaving early on the 27th). I as wondering if 1) Spring break crowds will be gone or mostly gone by this time as Easter is March 31 this year; and 2) Will the hours be extended beyond 10am-8pm?

    I know there is no way to know exactly, but I was hoping someone who has been there this time of year would have some idea based on past experience.


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    Re: Visiting Disneyland April 23-26

    I can't speak to the extended hours, but I have been to Disney in April and I don't remember there really being any bad Spring Break crowds around the time your going.

    The other thing which is harder in planning our trips and figuring out crowds is the "Limited Time Magic" promotion. We might think we are going during a relatively calm week but all it will take is Disney announcing some amazing or nostalgic Limited Time Magic event for the week you go to completely change that assessment. Right now its Jan 17 and I am going with our group on Feb 26, so a little over a month away and we still don't know what will be happening during the week we go. So keep on the look out for when they announce what Limited Time Magic is happening during your week, probably about a month prior.
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      Re: Visiting Disneyland April 23-26

      We always go at the end of April. This year it will be April 22-25. The spring break crowds will be gone and count on the park closing at 8. The hours will not be extended...unless they do something this year that is completely different from years past.
      The hours will be availabe on the Disneyland calendar 4-6 weeks prior.


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        Re: Visiting Disneyland April 23-26

        Good to know the crowds won't be too bad! Hopefully any Limited Time Magic they do will be on the weekend so I won't be affected much, if at all, by it.

        I had read that Disneyland sometimes extends the hours for the whole month of April, but havning not been in April except for spring break 20 years ago, I wasn't sure if that was accurate. I don't mind the hours being 10-8 as long as I'm not shoulder to shoulder with other people.

        So excited!!


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