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Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division


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  • [Question] Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. I am trying to sign up for the 5k family fun run on the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend (I got early resitration through my Disney Rewards Visa Card). I can't seem to find the stroller division. We have done the stroller division the past two years. I called Run Disney, and the lady said she doesn't "think" there is one this year because she can't find any info on it in her system. She gave me an email address to ask, but I am not confident I will get a response.

    This sucks, becuase if we can't do the stroller division, we will not be able to participate this year. We have made it a new tradition to run this race every year.

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    Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

    No need to worry about it during the Disney Visa card registration period, it won't sell out before registration opens on the 22nd. If its not on the registration page on the 22nd then you should worry.

    For what its worth, we are also hoping there's a stroller division so my DW and DS can run the 5K while I do the new 10k.


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      Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

      I am also wondering about this. Never done a Disney race before, but I noticed that past years have featured a stroller division, and that would be perfect for us (also considering the kids race since my DS should just be starting to walk then!). Anyone heard anything?


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        Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

        Very disappointed. No stroller division this year. It has been a tradition for our small family for the past 2 years. When we went online, there was no stroller division option for registration. I called them and they confirmed that there is no stroller division this year. Though the 5K is open for all age groups, I don't think my 3-yr-old could handle it, so it looks like we're only doing the Half Marathon and the Kid's races.

        I hope that their Disney Mom Panel will provide the appropriate feedback about this =(


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          Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

          Quite bummed. Thought this would be such a fun way to introduce the park to my son who will be just a hair over 1 for the race. Still considering entering him into the Diaper Dash just for the fun of it. :unsure:


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            Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

            I wonder if they nixed it because of the 10K this year? It also looks as though they're having the 5K start earlier than ever before. I'm sorry for those who were looking forward to participating in that division - what a shame that it's gone.

            I just looked at the website and it appears that all the races are either sold out or close to being sold out - whoa. Regular registration only opened today and IIRC the AP/Visa reg opened a week ago. That's wild, especially considering the race prices.

            A relative treated me to a 5K entry so I'm set to do that this year - exciting. It looks as though the race is Alice in Wonderland themed.
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              Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

              I am quite surprised that the stroller division was axed, especially considering they recently implemented that "mom panel" thing. It just doesn't seem Disney to not try and include everyone. If this were a serious race with qualifying times and what not, it would make sense to try and keep the strollers, walkers, lollygags etc off the course - but the DL half? Weird.

              For those of you that are baffled by the immediate selling out of entries, don't be. This race has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years, and they are doing their best to keep it from becoming a madhouse - by limiting entries.

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                Re: Disnyland Half Marathon Weekend 5k Stroller Division

                I wonder if injuries would be a reason? I know how many times I get run over when in the park at regular times..I can imagine that it'd be worse with a whole park full of runners with strollers. No matter how versed you are in pushing one...people are still bound to get run over. Could that be there reason? I can't think of any other...


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