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So... What do you like about DCA?


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    -Entrence in Grand Californian
    -Great themeing in the 'natural' sections of the park (Condor Flats, Redwood, etc.)
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      Cuzco, that was beautiful... and true. I'm glad there is finally a thread where people can talk about what they like about this park.

      As I've written elsewhere, there is much that needs to be enhanced (and I'm looking forward to the Park's growth and maturing) and much that is wonderful already. I've spent 8-hours at a time there with family and friends, and left happy and tired.

      While there are some lapses in theming, there are also some areas that completely take me away. The entire GRR area is beautiful, every bit of it. When taking new visitors I will always stroll them along that pathway behind the main queue; its so richly done you start to forget you're in Orange County. I also love the feeling of pride I get from Condor Flats and Golden Dreams. Life needs more opportunities to remind us of where we are and how we got her,; and we need to take the time to be reminded, even at a theme park.

      I've noticed that a lot of complaints are about the simple things in the park, while their counterparts across the way are touted and treasured:

      1. The sourdough and tortilla factories - the mainstreet candy and silhouette shops;

      2. The open spaces where quiet and contemplation are encouraged: Paradise Bay and GRR areas - Jumping Frog pond and surrounding area, and Rivers of America;

      3. Sun Plaza, with its beach-glass-embedded-in-ground-treatment and graceful walls, seats and planters inspired by Catalina Island's famous "serpintine beach wall" - Town Square with its iconic small town features.

      My least favorite area is Hollywood Pictures Backlot, but it, too, has its gems. Just sit on a bench and study the facade architecture: its stunning. (And I've heard so much about the hotdogs on this street that I'm making it a point to try them on my next trip). Hopefully, given time, the facades will front attractions as good as the beautiful animation exhibit and ToT.

      Also take the time to enjoy the coffee shop and bakery in the center train car; its as beautiful as anything on Main Street.

      Soarin', GRR (GREAT theming), Screamin', and Bug's Life Theater are all great. And for admittedly simple but, way fun, - Maliboomer, Orange Stinger, (and if you've got a VERY well loaded car) Mulholland Madness.

      DCA isn't Disneyland, but Disneyland took a few years to flesh itself out, too. Given time and encouragement DCA will get out of its shaky start and stand on its own.
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        Nothin'. No really.

        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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          dca is turning into a good park. I like TOT, both coasters, muppet show,soarin, and I like the design most of it looks pretty cool. Needs more shade though. gotta get some trees going. needs a little more personality also. something of its own. Just dont know what yet.
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            I diss the theming consciously, and wish there was a hub, and all of that, but I have dreams regularly about both parks, and in my dreams, DCA is way better. Last time I dreamt about Disneyland proper, they had moved this huge mountain of coal into Main St USA and I was trying to get to all these places but I swear, everywhere I turned there was a marching band in my way. It was crowded, noisy, and inconvenient.

            By contrast, I've had two dreams about DCA that honestly amazed and delighted me - one in which ToT was this incredibly immersive virtual reality experience that reacted to your thoughts and observations about the environment, and another in which Disney had taught some chimpanzees to talk and I spend a good half-hour discussing life in the park with one of them.

            (I know, I'm extremely weird.)

            Now, I know that dreams and reality are not the same (heh), but basically what this says to me is that I can see potential in DCA. It doesn't have these legacy rides that are sacred to its fans, or a huge base of people who go there all the time. There's still room for it to grow and change direction. And I think one day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, it's going to be a great park. I think it's the place in the resort where technologies can be tested and ideas can be thrown against the wall to see if they stick. They try not to mess around too much with DL these days because, for example, there is a vocal group of people who will weep and scream if Mr Lincoln, who I've never seen with more than ten people in the entire auditorium, were to glow away forever. DCA, though, has nowhere to go but up. I like that.


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              i like the color blue and long walks on the beach and holding hands


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