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DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)


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  • [Idea] DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)

    I've had this idea for a while, and I thought I'd share it with you guys

    Sabertooth Valley

    backstory: Sabertooth Valley used to be an empty desert. A corporate business saw this land and thought since you had to pass this land to get to more entertaining places, why not build a shopping center on top of it? The project was greenlighted, and construction soon started. One day, while digging one construction worker found a large fossil depost consisting a smilodon fossil dating from the Pleistocene era. Soon fossil deposits and tar pits were found everywhere! The most prized discovery was a whole smilodon family next to a giant sloth. It's thought that the young smilodon were being taught to hunt by their mother. They saw a giant sloth slowly being sucked into the tar pit (which they assumed was solid ground) and tried to attack, they soon met the same fate that the giant sloth did...slowly sinking into the tar pit. All construction was called off and the area was turned into a national park. Fossil hunters and General public came from all over to see the extensive fossil collection. Soon, the area was even more of a hit than the giant shopping center would ever be! A train ride and a museum were added to give guest a more in depth look at the discovery of the magnificent fossils. With all the research at the museum, the paleontologist and archaeologist were able to unlock the mysteries of time travel, and are now offering trips into the Pleistocene era. They are now trying to re introduce certain species back into today's wild.

    DCA concept by holmes.ashton96, on Flickr
    The entrance to the land

    Ice Age Escape: this ride takes place in the building that's in the concept art. The queue would be lined with time travel posters made to look like recruitment posters. You would slowly descend to the basement where you're taken into the breifing room where you are told that you may come into contact with creature that haven't been discovered yet. They've assigned a route for you to follow and are assigning a driver (one lucky guest in each group) to take you. You then board a 1930's jeep and embark on your journey into the ice age
    Your journey starts slow with a paleontologist telling the "driver" where to turn over a speaker, when you soon come into contact with a saber tooth cat. The paleontologist hears the roar and tells the driver to take a detour. You soon come into contact with dire wolves, american lions, and other dangerous species. You nearly miss being trampled on by a mammoth by entering a cave. In the cave, mysterious growls can be heard. The paleontologist says he can't identify the animal. A large roar fills the cave warm air and water are blown into guest faces to simulate the unknown animal being right in front of their face. The paleontologist tells the driver to reverse the car and make their way to the large water fall left of the cave. Behind the waterfall is a time travel station built earlier on incase of emergency. A bright light flashes, and you are taken back to the basement of the museum.

    Fossil train: this is pretty much a small train ride through the fossil sites and re-introducement areas. The ride goes past various fossil sites, including the smilodon family fossil site. You then pass various animals that they've brought back from the Plestocene era interacting with various modern day animals, even some that survived the mass extinction that occurred years ago.

    The land in general would have various california native plants. Tents would be set up at random as if excavations are currently going on. Extensive rock work would be done to the area. Small tar pits can be seen in various places. Small animatronic animals from both past and present can be seen from time to time.

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    Re: DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)

    Nice, I like how you use the tar pits to tie a dinosaur ride into the whole "California Adventure" theme.
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    "Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money." - ​Walt Disney


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      Re: DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)

      Originally posted by greenalfonzo View Post
      Nice, I like how you use the tar pits to die a dinosaur ride into the whole "California Adventure" theme.


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        Re: DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)



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          Re: DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)

          Wow! I miss the incredibly detailed backstories (Thunder Mountain, for instance). Cool idea!


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            Re: DCA land: Sabertooth Valley (with concept art)




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