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Swing Dancing at Princess Fantasy Faire (old CPG)...not going to happen?


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  • News Swing Dancing at Princess Fantasy Faire (old CPG)...not going to happen?

    Deleted due to other thread
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    Re: Swing Dancing at Princess Fantasy Faire (old CPG)...not going to happen?

    I think operating the Swing dances outside the park will have a huge drop in attendance and they will have no choise but movie to a less exspencive veniew because if they are not selling the venview to some group that will bring in active revinew then they will move it back into the Plaza
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      Re: Swing Dancing at Princess Fantasy Faire (old CPG)...not going to happen?

      They probably just want to keep the swing dancing out for the first few months because so many people will be wanting to go see Disneyland's new addition and crowding up the area.

      If anything, I think that bringing back the swing dancing right away would create a hostile environment for all of the guests involved. This way, the swing dancers will have a little more breathing room and comfort to do what they enjoy while the masses tear up the new area for a while. Let's not assume the worst of Disney and give them a chance to cycle those wishing to see the new additions for a while.

      So many people on this board reiterate how Disneyland is supposed to be a place for everyone, and lament how certain attractions can only be enjoyed for specific demographics. Why should that be any different for this area? Before Disneyland blocked off this area for a makeover, the only people that visited this area were (as you've pointed out) a small but vocal demographic, and only at night. During the day, the area was completely dead and with all of the current overcrowding of the parks was (I'm sure) seen as wasted space for the majority of Disneyland's operating hours. Meanwhile, the majority of visitors come to Disneyland anxious to see the princesses, no matter what age they are. I'm 26 and would be more than happy to see Aurora, Belle etc. at any time of the day. The new additions are for those of all ages and I don't think that the area is going to be dead come the evening hours.

      BTW, since when was Downtown Disney a nasty place to visit? Everything you've listed I have NEVER seen there.


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        Re: Swing Dancing at Princess Fantasy Faire (old CPG)...not going to happen?

        Been there during dance times? Smoking, theft, over-crowding on tiny dance floor (if one is present), bad sound systems, cramped band stand for bands, weather et al...

        Definitely not an ideal environment but neither was inside. But is was smoke free, no theft from random strangers, floor size was reasonable, sounds system adequate, room for bands and resistant to weather. Plus it worked or 57 years so it must haven't been too bad.

        We do it for the hope to move back inside as promised by quite a few senior execs at Disney. Dispointing they can't be trusted to their word.


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