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Perchance to Dream


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  • [Fun] Perchance to Dream

    Had another Disneyland dream last night. This time it was about the subs. In the dream, they created an underwater restaurant out of the subs. They aranged the subs nose to tail, and at different angles, with the tables along the walls, and windows. The windows gave a view of what was from the ride (although in my dream it was different than in real life.).Also, some windows had aquariums of real sealife. There was one window with real giant squids. That was both freaky and cool.

    Anyway, time to hear more Disney dreams.

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    Re: Perchance to Dream

    That sounds really cool! I once had a dream that I got off my Doombuggy in HM. When I got to the attic, Emily (The old bride) came to life and chased me all the way to the exit. It seems like a nightmare, but it was actually the best dream I've ever had! LOL
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      Re: Perchance to Dream

      The last dream about Disneyland I had was very much a surreal experience. Yes, all dreams are, but everything from the content to the mood to the pacing of this dream was just... very unlike a normal dream. I was walking through the park in the future and nothing was maintained, the moat was all green with algae and scum, flowers were dying, pavements were cracking, and everything was falling apart. I looked at it all and thought to myself how sad it was that Disney let itself deteriorate like this, how the affect of the declination by degrees was evident. It wasn't anything dramatically nightmarish or heartbreaking--it was more of a melancholy, somber sight as I slowly walked, quietly gazing at the park in a state of bittersweet reflection. It is definitely one of the most interesting dreams that I have experienced in a while. Normally my dreams are quite active, constantly changes locations, shifting scenes and times and moods, but remembering those sights, it feels like I was in that alternate universe for a long time, soaking it all in and trying to process what this meant to me. I suppose its my subconscious expressing its sadness and disappointment for the park's current state--not necessarily its maintenance standards, which haven't reached this low yet, but its shift in vision and priorities--and its cynicism about the future. Again, one of the most interesting and most surreal dream experiences as of recent.


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